Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nomination Suggestions for Cybils 2012!

I've discovered it's really hard to remember that great title I read 11 months ago - so I collect what I consider Cybils-discussion-worthy titles every week from what I've read and reviewed and save them up. So, here are my suggestions if you need something to jog your memory!

You can also check out my new books tab - most were published in 2012 and I considered them all worthy of purchasing for my library (although not necessarily Cybils-worthy)

(no promises that these are eligible - you'll have to double-check that yourselves - or that they're in the right category. This is just a list of suggestions).

Easy Readers
  • Loopy Coop Hens: Pip's trip by Janet Morgan Stoeke 
  • Cats vs. dogs by Elizabeth Carney
Early Chapters
  • Maybelle and the haunted cupcake by Katie Speck
Fiction Picture Book
  • Hans my Hedgehog by Kate Coombs (folktale)
  • Senorita Gordita by Helen Ketteman (folktale)
  • Beep and Bah by James Burks
  • Frank 'n' Stan by M. P. Robertson
Graphic Novel Elementary and Middle Grade
  • Miss Annie: Freedom by Frank Le Gall
  • Fluffy fluffy Cinnamaroll vol. 1 by Yumi Tsukirino
Middle Grade Fiction
  • Island horse by Susan Hughes
Nonfiction Middle Grade and Young Adult
  • Iceberg right ahead by Stephanie McPherson
Young Adult Fiction/Fantasy
  • Cuts like a knife by Darlene Ryan
  • Bad day for voodoo by Jeff Strand
  • Crush by Gary Paulsen