Saturday, November 3, 2012

This week at the library; or, No programs doesn't mean no working!

Random Commentary
  • It was a really good thing I didn't have programs this week, because our staff is dropping like flies! We are giving the hospitals good business...I still managed to get some of my program planning done though.
  • Friday was our staff work day - most catastrophic/annoying day ever. First of all, our director just got out of the hospital and is still pretty sick. Another librarian got hit with flu last night, but came in anyways because the newsletter HAD to be done. Yet another was at a funeral for a family member who died a few days ago. And another staff member was at a chemotherapy appt. We were a small group.
  • Ok, so the main thing we were going to do was inventory. We opened the boxes and surprise! Our helpful system staff only sent...2 scanners. to inventory a 70,000 item collection. Many unprintable words were said, especially when I discovered they had also helpfully taken out the transfer cord that would allow me to upload the data. I did find another and we got some inventory done, but it was NOT as productive a day as we all had planned. Grrrrr.
  • Saturday was our annual fundraiser - a craft fair. I sort of did some of the publicity this year, but with all the other emergencies and stuff that happened, I was a bit doubtful that it would go well. I guess I'll find out on Monday.
  • Nothing else really happened this week - just lots and lots of desk time and struggling with planning programs, making phone calls for winter/spring programs, fixing errors in the publicity, cleaning out the storyroom, kicking people off the computers for watching porn, telling the kids to clean up all the candy wrappers, etc.
Approximate hours this week
  • Monday 12-8
  • Tuesday 12-8
  • Wednesday 9-5
  • Thursday 8:30-4:30
  • Friday 9-3

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