Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dipping my toes into the sea of manga: Dawn of the Arcana 1 by Rei Toma

This one I figured out very easily. It's not the type of story I'd pick up on my own, but it was nominated for Cybils and I can see how it would be very popular with the tween and teen girls at my library who love manga.

It's basically a fantasy/romance and reminded me quite a bit of parts of Avatar. There's a princess from an impoverished country, despised because of her red hair, married to a nasty prince from the wealthy country (there's a civil war) but there's hints that he's really just trying to survive in the tough and dangerous political world and really finds her attractive. She's more interested in her bodyguard, a sort of dog-eared fairy type who's pretty obviously in love with her.

Lots of swooning (both psychical - hence the Arcana bit - and for lurrrrve) and elaborate costumes and smoldering looks. Also a bit of violence - the princess isn't a pushover and doesn't really have anything to lose, since she's really just a hostage and knows she's probably going to be killed sooner or later (her charming new husband casually points this out to her several times).

One of the reasons this was easier to follow was there were fewer characters and they all had very clearly defined personalities and roles. I'm guessing this will get more confusing later on. Swoony fantasy romance isn't my thing, but I did enjoy reading this one.

Borrowed from my library

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