Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dipping my toes into the sea of manga: A devil and her love song by Miyoshi Tomori

I really did not enjoy this manga, which I read for Cybils. I'm going to attribute that to a major cultural divide and a general dislike of teen books that focus on relationships and nothing else.

I like at least one explosion per chapter in my graphic novels.

As far as I can make out, Maria has been expelled from a Catholic school and has an almost magical ability to tell what people are really thinking and feeling. She is also emotionally damaged, having been told she is "tainted" and brings out the worst in people. Two weird boys both are immediately obsessed with her in different ways and all the girls hate and torment her. She also has a beautiful singing voice.

There's a whole thing about "the lovely spin" which is a thing one of the boys has and Maria adopts - although it doesn't really work for her, because she's evil or something. Actually, it doesn't really work for the boy either, since nobody really seems to like him. There's also a theme of redemption and saving that mixes in with the Catholic school Maria came from, but I don't really see what she needs saving from, other than extreme weirdness. Then there's the art that starts each chapter, showing Maria in a variety of seductive poses. I got the feeling there was a lot going on and this story was a very specific title but I didn't get any of that because I don't have the context for it.

Anyways, I ultimately found Maria's endless philosophical musings and weird interactions really boring and annoying, but this manga has been very popular in my library.

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