Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dipping my toes into the sea of manga: Princess Knight by Osamu Tezuka

I read the omnibus vol. 1 and 2.
 My main complaint with manga is not, strictly speaking, the right to left thing - I studied Hebrew and never had an issue with that. The problem for me is the panels and dialogue - I'm never sure which ones to read, I realize I've read them wrong, then I go back and the story gets confused...this one was really easy in that respect because the panels are very straight-forward and simply organized. A teen donated this - it's an early manga. I recognized some of the style of Astro Boy - the long noses and cartoonish look of some of the characters. The storyline was...Precious Moments meets Captain Blood meets medieval intrigue? I thought it could easily have been fitted into one volume, but people kept mistaking each other for other people, stealing boy or girl hearts, changing their gender, getting overthrown, getting shot with arrows...the plentiful exclamation marks and sometimes odd dialogue are probably a hallmark of how old it is and the early translation. Amusing, but not going on my favorites list anytime soon.

Borrowed from the library

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