Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dipping my toes into the sea of manga: Lizzie Newton, Victorian Mysteries by Hey-jin Jeon, art by Ki-ha Lee

I'm guessing this is Korean maybe, by the author's names? It didn't read right to left, which was a little easier. Anyways, I actually really liked this one and would even be interested in reading a sequel. Lizzie is a young society lady who writes mysteries and is interested in crime. She encounters a mystery and delightedly plunges into solving it. Other characters include her steward, who used to be a famous barrister, and seems to be both in love with her and also have a sort of adopted familiar relationship and a young Scotland Yard detective who's a little like a proto-Sherlock Holmes (although his misogyny doesn't stand up to Lizzie for long). The art is pretty, I could tell all the characters apart, and I even kind of liked the chibi bits (I assume that's what it is when the characters get tiny and yell stuff that is historically out of place?).

Of course, I can't see many teens being at all interested in this. Sigh.

Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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