Saturday, December 8, 2012

This week at the library; or, The weather is messing up my storytimes

  • Walworth Homeschoolers (outside group)
  • Toddlers 'n' Books, 2 sessions (Miss Pattie)
  • Preschool Interactive
  • Books 'n' Babies (Miss Pattie)
  • Messy Art Club
  • We Explore Snow
Random Commentary
  • Had a very disappointed boy who just couldn't believe there were no more Ricky Ricotta books. He was sure there were "five thousand" because "it says so in the back of the book!" I got him to take Melvin Beederman instead, but I don't think he totally believed I was telling the truth and not just hiding those 4,993 books somewhere.
  • This week begins a round of various committee meetings and webinars. This week I had an ALSC committee meeting, beginnings of final Cybils discussions, and webinar for new titles from Lerner (I like the look of some of their graphic novels and nonfiction).
  • It's really hard to do all these snow-themed storytimes when it's 50 degrees outside! I need to move farther north!
  • This has not been a particularly good week. Zen Librarian is losing her Zen.
Approximate Hours This Week
  • Monday, 11:40-8:10
  • Tuesday, 9:10-5
  • Wednesday, 9-5
  • Thursday, 9:30-5:30
  • Friday, 9-5

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