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Welcome to a sort of typical order list

One of my sort of goals this year is to clean off my tbr shelf and start afresh. I am currently down to only 3 more books from the library to read, about 15 to review....and about 100 galleys and misc. books I've purchased and collected. But today, I am going to FINISH those library books and the review stack! I've been working on this like crazy though and I need a break so...who wants to see my February order list? This isn't exactly a typical list, there are all the award books I didn't have and decided we should have and a lot of replacements. I just finished weeding the juvenile fiction, so that's where most of the replacements will go. I've also been having problems finding really good easy readers so there aren't many of those. I'll also get 6 books from JLG, 4 YA, 1 middle grade, and 1 easy nonfiction in addition to what's on here. Ah, lists. So relaxing.

Board books
  • Alphasaurus
  • The swing, illustrated by Julie Morstad
  • Panda bear, panda bear what do you see? (This is the really cool board book version with the sliding pictures. We love those and they're very sturdy)
  • Teeth are not for biting by Elizabeth Verdick (this board book will go in parenting)
Picture Books
  • Construction Kitties by Phil Sturges
  • 999 Tadpoles, 999 frogs wake up by Ken Kimura
  • Water sings blue by Kate Coombs (I know this is poetry, but it will go in picture books otherwise it will just slowly gather dust and die)
  • Cheer up mouse by Jed Henry
  • Dolphin baby by Nicola Davies
  • Black dog by Levi Pinfold
  • Poky little puppy (tub book)
  • Tawny Scrawny lion (tub book)
  • Hello Red Fox by Eric Carle (pulled this out for a display and it was gross - Eric Carle's books go bad faster than any others b/c there's so much white space I think)
  • The story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden, illustrated by Barbara Cooney (I went to weed our copy in juvenile fiction, which was awful, thinking we had the picture book version in Christmas books and we didn't. I don't know if it will circulate, it's so long, but I'll give it a chance.)
  • Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman
  • Bunnies on ice by Johanna Wright
  • Who lives here, What will I be, Who's like me, What happens next by Nicola Davies (depending on the flaps, some of these will go in professional)
  • Red hat by Lita Judge
  • My crocodile does not bite by Joe Kulka
  • Open very carefully: a book with bite by Nick Bromley
  • Three bears ABC by Grace Maccarone (concept books)
  • Prairie chicken little by Jackie Hopkins
  • Sleep big bear sleep by Maureen Wright
  • Polar Bear Morning, Polar Bear Night by Lauren Thompson
  • Lucky ducklings by Eva Moore
  • Flora and the flamingo by Molly Idle
Easy Readers
  • The big something by Patricia Reilly Giff
  • Katy Duck and the tip-top tap shoes by Alyssa Capucilli
  • Olivia measures up
  • Penny and her marble by Kevin Henkes
  • Wedgieman to the rescue
  • Pinch and Dash make soup, Pinch and Dash and the terrible couch
Juvenile Series
  • Saige, Saige paints the sky (latest American Girl books)
  • Mystery Ranch, Yellow house mystery, surprise island, Mike's mystery (I'm replacing our truly awful hardcovers with paperbacks and moving them to the series section)
  • Lego Hero Factory robot rampage
  • Heidi Heckelbeck is ready to dance
  • Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows

Juvenile Fiction
  • Wright 3 by Blue Balliett (replacement - this is on the Battle of the Books list and it just fell apart)
  • Fire ascending, Dark fire, Fire eternal, Fire star, Icefire by Chris D'Lacey (kids keep asking for the rest of this series so I went ahead and bought the ones we were missing in paperback, except for the newest.)
  • Fourmile by Watt Key
  • Chomp by Carl Hiaasen (I might move the rest of these downstairs from the teen area)
  • Almost home by Joan Bauer
  • One and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate
  • Geeks, girls, and secret identities by Mark Jung
  • Dollhouse murders by Betty Wright (this is a replacement, in paperback, of our worn and icky copies that were no longer circ'ing)
  • Son by Lois Lowry (I'm not a fan of the Giver series, but my director suggested this and I did have parents asking for it and finally one kid, which is when I gave in)
  • Island by Gary Paulsen (I moved all the Gary Paulsen down to juvenile, well, almost all, and am replacing the worst ones)
  • Hitty her first hundred years by Rachel Field (we had two copies, one an oversized book illustrated by Susan Jeffers and the other dating back from the book's first publication I believe. Neither one was circulating. I don't honestly think this one will either, but it will look better on the shelf)
  • Bridge to Terabithia (this is a battle of the books, so we had a bunch of crappy paperbacks. I deleted all but one hardcover and am adding another hardcover)
  • Island of the blue dolphins by Scott O'dell (another replacement for multiple copies of a book that no longer circs)
  • Moorchild by Eloise McGraw (another replacement. The cover on this one is kinda nice, so maybe it will check out)
  • Anastasia Krupnik, Anastasia Again (We have a whole shelf of these, all gathering dust except a couple. I don't know why just those check out! I am replacing the first two and will see if anyone checks them out)
  • Mara, daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw (we had a hideous prebound paperback of this and it was circulating - I think mainly via inter-library loan for some reason.)
  • Johnny Tremain (who needs 2 copies of Johnny Tremain?? There are no good covers in existence for this book, so I went with a cheap paperback)
  • The great wheel by Robert Lawson (this wasn't circulating either - I replaced it with a, to my mind at least, snazzier paperback. Our processor will hate me for all the paperbacks I'm buying, but even though we just added a huge range of shelves to our juvenile fiction it's still full to the gills and I'm not wasting money on hardbacks that are unlikely to circulate)
  • Wind in the Willows (I weeded our falling apart edition illustrated by Tasha Tudor, sadly out of print, and an Ernest Shepard edition with a truly boring cover. You know, the one with little pastel willow leaves on it? I'm getting a new edition by Robert Ingpen and a new edition from Oxford University Press)
  • Goblin Secrets by William Alexander
  • Bad Kitty School Daze by Nick Bruel
  • Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge etc.
  • Curse of the Arctic Star, Secret of the red arrow (I'm interested to see how these new revamps of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys do. I bought them in hardcover since these series are in regular juvenile fiction in our library)
  • Tangle of knots by Lisa Graff
  • Timmy Failure: Mistakes were made
  • Emily Windsnap and the land of the midnight sun
  • Cahills vs. Vespers Day of Doom
  • Hold fast by Blue Balliett
Juvenile Non-Fiction
  • Hand in Hand: Ten black men who changed America by Andrea Pinkney
  • Mrs. Harkness and the panda by Alicia Potter (I might put this in picture books and see if I can save it from the dreadful fate of picture book biographies)
  • Titanic: Voices from the disaster by Deborah Hopkinson
  • Last airlift by Marsha Skrypuch
  • Butterflies and moths by Nic Bishop (missing - it's a weird thing to steal, but I can't find it anywhere. Even if it does show up, I don't mind having 2 copies)
  • Who is Neil Armstrong? (paperback biography - someone asked for bios on him and we didn't have any!)
  • Grow it, Cook it - DK
  • Candy Bomber by Michael Tunnell
  • This or that survival debate - Capstone
  • Ultimate collection of pro football records
  • My cookbook of baking, My cookbook of cakes by Laura Tilli
  • Birds by Sally Morgan (pet birds. ugh)
  • Stardines swim high across the sky by Jack Prelutsky (I will put this in picture book if possible. 811's - where books go to die.)
Juvenile Graphic Novels
  • Moominvalley turns jungle by Tove Jansson
  • Captain America the Korvac Saga (I bought this in paperback, the kids grabbed it excitedly and it immediately fell apart. So now I am spending $80 to purchase it from ABDO in individual library bindings. Marvel, I HATE YOU.)
  • Big Nate, all work and no play a collection of Sundays (I'm not sure if I just missed some of these or if someone stole them, but I suddenly realized we were missing some of the Big Nate oevre)
  • Something under the bed is drooling, revenge of the baby-sat, Indispensible Calvin and Hobbes, Homicidal psycho jungle cat (I'm confused - all the comic sites say they are reissuing these, but it doesn't look like it to me on Baker and Taylor. Anyways, I just bought a selection)
  • Extreme Babymouse (library bound of course)

Young Adult Fiction
  • Face on the milk cartoon by Caroline Cooney (paperback replacement - if kids like the shiny new cover, I'll redo the others as well)
  • Janie face to face by Caroline Cooney (and this is what prompted the replacement)
  • Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt (replacement - I like Voigt but she really doesn't circ. I thought I'd give her one more chance with a paperback)
  • Up a road slowly be Irene Hunt (I hate this book. Asides from personal feeling, it's one of the few Newberys that are teen, not juvenile. I weeded the copy in juvenile, which hadn't circ'd in years, and am buying a rather hideous paperback for the teen section. There are no good covers for this book, probably because it's a painfully outdated and boring book. Grrrr.)
  • Zom-B by Darren Shan (voted for!)
  • Falling for you by Lisa Schroeder (voted for!)
  • Hallowed, Unearthly by Cynthia Hand (requested)
  • Homeland by Cory Doctorow
Young Adult Graphic Novels
  • Kimi ni todoke 5
  • Bride of the water god 4, 5, 6, 7
  • 3 Marvel Zombies books, because some little (insert word of your own choosing here) keeps ripping them off.
  • And somebody stole Hinds' Odyssey AGAIN. What is wrong with people? I'm getting it in paperback this time.

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