Saturday, May 4, 2013

This week at the library; or, Everything happens at once!

Random Commentary
  • I had Monday off, decided to use my last vacation day before my anniversary date (May 5) after all my preschool visits last week. So Tuesday was crazy! I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! The last preschool visit came, all sorts of invoice confusion, mounds of stuff all over my desk to be dealt with, the blood drive was going on, etc. etc. As I was finishing lunch at 3:30 (crazy day! I'm lucky I got lunch at all!) I suddenly realized I hadn't planned tomorrow's storytime. And the hamster bit me - I think that last round of touching with the preschoolers was too much.
  • The eggs for Chick Central arrived on Wednesday. Pattie wanted to do duck eggs again and I said fine as long as I am not in charge of spritzing them. We have never had good luck with hatching, but at least if anything goes wrong this time I can blame Pattie - and we got Virgil in on the project from the beginning (local farmer) instead of at the end to show us everything we did wrong! Wednesday was also enlivened by the middle schoolers decided to find out if daffodils are edible. They are NOT in case you were wondering.
  • Thursday - we had to cancel Books 'n' Babies at the last minute, but fortunately most of the parents were understanding. Most of them. Even if I'd wanted to sub, I couldn't have - the few staff we have remaining were at a local conference and there was nobody but me to cover the reference desk. Plus, I have made a rule that we don't sub for books 'n' babies, you just end up with a room of screaming babies and grumpy parents b/c You Are Not Pattie. And, of course, no week would be complete without a visit from the police. It was freezing cold and raining so only about 35 people came to Lego Club and of course the after school kids were soaked and apparently their brains got wet too, so they decided to change in the lobby and I had to yell at them that it's NOT A LOCKER ROOM. No, we didn't call the police on them, that was the other teens who were smoking outside the library and being rude to people.
  • Friday - a lot of people had expressed interest in our dog safety program and I had hoped for a good turnout despite it being the first Friday (when a huge senior group meets at the library and takes up all the parking) but it turned out to be a cold and rainy day and only 10 people showed up. Oh well. That's 6 kids who are less likely to get bitten! Spent most of my desk time looking at VOYA as I try to figure out ways to increase circulation in the young adult room. Also decided that I like reading descriptions of ya books more than the actual books themselves...

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