Saturday, May 11, 2013

This week at the library; or, Last week of programs, go go go!

Random Commentary
  • My director keeps saying if we can just get through May it will all get better (our adult services librarian starts full-time in June). I feel a little doubtful about this, since all of my summer prep should have been started months ago and if I don't get it done in May, I will be preparing for summer whilst I'm doing summer and omg I just remembered I forgot to ask for the coupons I need for my daycare summer reading program. However. If I can just get through this week...all I will have until June 8 is a week-long Scholastic bookfair, 3 daycare visits, 1 kindergarten visit, 3 elementary school visits, 5th grade library tour, 6th grade visits and Jim Gill concert (which I don't have to do anything for except show up with publicity to hand out. OMG I have no publicity ready!)
  • Electrician came back on Monday - they keep saying our plugs you can't plug anything into are code. Whatever. They are broken as well and did I mention my cd player died? Two interviews for the aide position and the school librarians came to set up for BOB.
  • Tuesday, got to work early to let in the BOB volunteers, then I just had to be available for pep talks and anything needed while I did toddler registration, corral loose/lost children and clap loudly at the award ceremony. Oh, and vacuum up a few crumbs. This is the best deal ever and if your town has Battle of the Books and your library has the space I highly recommend contacting the school librarians to see if they'd like to hold any battles in the library!
  • Wednesday - last Preschool Interactive. Every time I think "well, this storytime is no longer tenable" I get a decent-sized group. Which would be 18, and since most parents/caregivers bring 2 kids that's mostly kids. However, I still think I may have to decide about changing storytime at some point in the not-too-distant future. Oh, and the door to the storyroom broke. Then our last middle school madness and I am never inviting the high schoolers to join us again, since they all thought it would be funny to make "legalize marijuana" shirts. WHY ME?
  • Thursday - thankfully my director is back from her conference so I don't have to do any more long Thursdays (for a while at least). Finally made a decision on the online calendar - we are not moving to something new. Now I have to buckle down and spend several hours uploading all the summer events. Got partway through June. The last Messy Art Club was pretty simple, just lots and lots of decorating of masks. We did temporarily lose a toddler from Books 'n' Babies in the morning, but it turned out he had just sneaked into the back room to watch the guys fix the door. Went home and made cupcakes for tomorrow.
  • Friday - stopped at the grocery store on the way to work to buy fruit. I have been getting quite small attendance at the non-performer We Explores. It could probably increase with more publicity, but I can't do more without killing myself! Anyways, I figured we'd have a fairly decent turn-out for this one and did extra prep and the program went pretty well and a nice group of people came. I think next year instead of doing "concept" We Explores I might do author ones (although I did not get good turn-out for Elephant and Piggie). I was going to go home early, but through a mix-up an interview got scheduled so I had to do that. Finally left at 4pm.
  • Saturday - my director wanted us to have homemade muffins and I said that was fine but somebody else would need to do the baking, so she and our reference assistant and Pattie all made some. I came in around 9:30 to set up People started drifting in right away and the program went well. For the last half hour or so I worked in my office (it opens into the storyroom) since it was mostly older kids eating muffins with their parents. I thought I'd leave around noon, but another group of people showed up, so I finally went home a little after one.

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