Monday, June 10, 2013

Nonfiction Monday: A selection of rabbits

 This week I'm looking at rabbits, but with less success than my examination of squirrels. It's really, really hard to find good books on wild rabbits.

The first title is in a series entitled How do we live together? This is a very simplistic title that mainly focuses on how people coexist with rabbits. One of the photographs looked a lot like a hare to me, but I could be wrong. Another shows an adorably cute little bunny sitting in a live animal trap and the caption reads "Traps are not a very nice way to get rid of rabbits." There are a few suggestions on how to keep rabbits out of gardens and then the book ends by saying "It is our job to find ways to live with rabbits. Then we can all enjoy spending time together outdoors." The audience for this book is unlikely to care that rabbits eat crops and the solutions are only going to work for a small garden anyways. This series seems kind of pointless.

Next, we're back to the Backyard Wildlife easy reader series. This one is ok, but still too simplistic for what I'm looking for. Also, the rabbit pictured on the cover looks like a Rex or Satin domesticated rabbit, not a wild rabbit. Pass on this one as well - it's not worth $20 of my budget.

The last book I found is from a series called See How They Grow and while it contains the most comprehensive information on rabbits' life cycle and habits, it's mostly geared towards pet owners with sections on domestic rabbits, how to choose a pet, and how to take care of pet rabbits. I already have quite a few books on pet rabbits and don't need any more.

Verdict: This was an unsuccessful review. No other libraries had any current titles on wild rabbits for me to borrow, so I'm going to have to buy blind and hope I get something good. 

How do we live together? Rabbits by Katie Marsico
ISBN: 9781602796225; Published 2010 by Cherry Lake

Backyard Wildlife: Rabbits by Derek Zobel
ISBN: 9781600144431; Published 2010 by Bellwether Media

See how they grow: See how rabbits grow by Kathryn Walker
ISBN: 9781435828315; Published 2009 by Power Kids Press

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Tammy Flanders said...

Again, I love to hear about your selection process. Thanks for giving us the heads up about these titles.
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