Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nonfiction Monday

Welcome to Nonfiction Monday! Please leave your posts in the comments and I will arrange them in exquisite order throughout the day.

100s: Ghosts, aliens, sasquatches and other things that aren't real...or ARE THEY?

300s: Money, Government, and their friends, Disasters and Military
500s: Science, Math, and Wiiiild Animals!
700s: It's the Arts! Sports, Entertainment, and Stuff You Can Do


Resh said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for hosting Non Fiction Monday. At Stacking Books we loved reading Thunder Birds by Jim Arnosky.
The book will fill the reader with awe due to the sheer details captured by Jim in his drawings.

Ms. Yingling said...

Have a review of Lego Minifigures Characters Encyclopedia to go with my fiction review of Otis Dooda!http://msyinglingreads.blogspot.com/2013/06/middle-grade-monday-otis-dooda.html

laurasalas said...

Thanks for hosting, Jennifer! I'm in with a book called Finding Hope, by Michelle Myers Lackner, about the drama that played out when a bear cub (Hope) became separated from its mother in Northern Minnesota.


Jeff Barger said...

Thank you for hosting this week and for the early posting! You just saved me five minutes tomorrow morning and that means everything! At NC Teacher Stuff, I am featuring a book from National Geographic Kids called Everything Money:


Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Thanks for hosting today! At "A Teaching Life", I have a short list of books I love to use to teach the Civil War:

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Thanks so much for hosting Nonfiction Monday! At True Tales & A Cherry On Top, I'm featuring the picture book biography by Tanya Lee Stone: Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors - The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell:


Roberta said...

Good Morning Jennifer,

After being away for awhile I'm jumping back in with Everybody Moves by Layne deMarin at http://blog.wrappedinfoil.com/2013/06/get-inspired-by-everybody-moves/

A fun little book to get kids off the couch.

Thanks for hosting today.

Alex Baugh said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for hosting Nonfiction Monday this week. I have a review of Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo by Nancy Bo Flood.


shelf-employed said...

I'm just visiting today. With the short week and a day off to attend Book Expo, I didn't have time for a nonfiction review. If you want to read my recap of BookExpo, however, here it is: http://shelf-employed.blogspot.com/2013/06/monday-morning-miscellany-v6.html
Have a great week!

Ami said...

We're looking at hot air balloons at A Mom's Spare Time: http://amomssparetime.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-how-do-hot-air-balloons-work-by.html

Catherine said...

Thanks for hosting! I have a review of a crafts book: Sneaky Art: Crafty Surprises to Hide in Plain Site. It's full of creative ways to spend summer days. It's over at The Cath in the Hat.


Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks for looking after today's event, Jennifer.
I've posted about Imagination Illustrated, a look at Jim Henson's creative process.

Anastasia Suen said...

Thanks for hosting! I'm reading Book of the Day: Hoop Genius: How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball


Lynn Rutan said...

Cindy Dobrez and I are reviewing two baseball books today on Bookends: You Never Heard of Willie Mays! by Jonah Winter and Miracle Mud: Lena Blackburne and the Secret Mud that Changed Baseball by David A. Kelly. Batter Up ;-) Thanks for hosting!

Sondy said...

Thanks for hosting! At Sonderbooks, I'm reviewing Wild Horse Scientists, by Kay Frydenborg.

Janet S. said...

Thanks for hosting.
My selection is "Monster hunt: exploring mysterious creatures written and illustrated by Jim Arnosky.