Saturday, June 29, 2013

This week at the library; or, ALA here I come as soon as I do 10 million things!

Random Commentary
  • We had a teen movie night last week where we showed the Hobbit and served pizza and 10 teens came! Well worth the $50 worth of pizza! And I'm very grateful our cataloger and one of my aides ran the evening so I did not have to stay.
  • I did Tiny Tots on Monday evening for Pattie, which worked out well since our director was working Monday evening for me on the desk so I could work Tuesday evening on the desk for her. Also, we are up to 310 traditional summer reading participants and 32 teens. The teens have already surpassed last year's numbers. I can't compare the traditional program exactly to last year, b/c I have rubber ducky readers this year, but I had 344 ages 6-10 kids, so I am getting close.
  • When I got home Monday night, I discovered my 1 year old computer had died. Of course, the warranty expired two days ago.
  • Tuesday I arrived at work to discover the basement had flooded and the roof was leaking, but we did have over 100 people at Storywagon. I need to remember to have one of the aides help out with summer reading after storywagon.
  • Every year I go to the pre-kindergarten classes at summer school. I was glad to go later this year, b/c doing it the first week of summer reading is crazy, even though it's a long day (8am to 6pm) and there is no a/c at the school. They claim that the teachers have to lug everything to the middle school b/c it has a/c, but not that I could feel. The kids were sweating and it was humid and hot. The only teacher with a moderately cool room had turned off all the lights!
  • ALA! Pattie is doing a We Explore Birthdays program for us on Friday morning and I will be back on Tuesday! I did come in for a couple hours in the morning b/c Pattie gave me a ride to the train (I was going to drive and leave my car, but considering the hockey rally...)

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