Saturday, June 1, 2013

This week at the library; or, Visiting the schools and making my presence known

Random Commentary
  • Tuesday - visit to Tibbets Elementary School. Some years I don't get to see all the kids here b/c of scheduling, but this year I saw them all. Even better, I was already "known" b/c I've been secretly visiting a kindergarten class here all year. Next year I'll be visiting all the kindergarten kids. And it didn't rain! (much). Doing school visits in the rain is Not Fun. Some of the most asked for books included the Even More Super-Sized series from Bearport, Unusual Animals, Ninja Meerkats, Frogged, and One Tough Chick.
  • Wednesday was another hectic day with marketing meetings, the arrival of ducklings (we gave up on actually hatching the eggs) and yet another visit from our friends the police. Then I went home and thought about all the things I could have said to the kids but didn't b/c while I was dealing with them and calling the police I was also on the information desk, the phone was ringing off the hook, our director was in a meeting (which is why she just said "no swearing!" when she heard them say "f***ing c***t") and a long line of patrons annoyed over one thing or another was trailing through the library, plus the ongoing saga of the stolen library card.
  • Thursday - visit to Jackson Elementary School. I only see kindergarten through 4th grade here, because starting last year the 5th graders come to the library! Generally enthusiastic group - this is the closest school to the library so almost all the kids have been here. Favorite books included the Even More Super-Sized series from Bearport, Stick Dog, Loki's Wolves, Zombie Makers, and Dance Class. 
  • After the visit I went back to the library to do a couple hours on the desk, found out a preschool class had showed up in my absence (worked out ok, b/c they mainly wanted to see the ducks and Pattie happened to be there) and went off around 2 to do errands, home to eat something, and back around 5 when I worked on my series project and some other stuff for about an hour. Then at 6 I went to a concert with Jim Gill organized by Pattie and various other school organizations at the middle school. I set up a table, poster, etc. and encouraged people to sign up for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten and take information on summer reading. The concert ended rather hurriedly when severe storms started heading our way and I raced the storm home!
  • Friday - the fame of our ducks has spread far and wide. A preschool class from the School for the Deaf in a neighboring town came over on a field trip. Pattie dropped by to show off the ducks and I read them Make Way for Ducklings while their teacher interpreted. Then they hung out in the children's area and enjoyed the library for a while. I did some desk time, finished repacking my crates for the middle school visit on Monday and Friday was OVER.

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