Saturday, July 13, 2013

This week at the library; or, Annnd, the craziness (and the police) are back

Random Commentary
  • Finally got all the pictures up for the Stuffed Animal Sleepover
  • Monday was crazy. We broke our no police streak, staff meeting, and....stuff. However, all the toilets are unplugged! It's nice while it lasts...
  • Tuesday, another very, very busy day. The Storywagon was awesome and I definitely plan to hire them again on my own.
  • I'm feeling kind of frustrated that I didn't get all my summer programs planned ahead of time like I was trying to do back in May. I didn't finish planning and preparing Wednesday morning's storytime until...Wednesday morning. But there simply aren't enough hours in the day and with all the issues and emergencies and unexpected drama of the spring, I simply didn't have time. So, flying by the seat of my pants here. Not my favorite thing, but at least I have enough of a backlog of storytimes that I am not planning them from scratch.
  • My director was going to supervise YA Gaming, since her office is across from the teen room, but she had a meeting come up at the last minute, so I had to race up and down the stairs for the first couple hours until she got back. Not that many kids actually came, but the less supervision the more misbehavior there will be...last time I actually worked on stuff in the teen room for a lot of the afternoon, but I wasn't able to do that this time b/c everything I needed to do was downstairs. Of course, adults complained that the kids were too noisy, yet another reason why our teen area is badly situated, although some of the complaints were just.... Anyways, I will probably not do gaming again in this room, much as I would like to. 
  • I am feeling really frustrated. Everything I tried to do something else came up and derailed it. Realized we were running out of 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten folders, discovered I was out of the labels that have to be sent out to a printer (or so I think, the way this week is going they will suddenly show up again somewhere). One of my aides was sick and I am still training the other, which is stressful for both of us as we figure out what we're doing, so not having a second person there to take care of the rapidly accumulated shelving...something I had planned for Friday fell through and I had to run around and plan something else. Suddenly realized I did my math incorrectly and we were going to be short of summer reading prizes soon so I had to select and re-order things. All minor things, but just...frustrating. I am very frustrated right now, if you didn't get the message.
  • I am trying to be happy with small victories and let the stress roll off with little things - like my successful readers' advisory today. Girl only wants to read Babymouse, mom only wants her to read chapter books on her level. Solution: Compromise with Dragonbreath and Bad Kitty and everyone is happy!
  • Thursday - toilets plugged again. WHY?? I am now the official library toilet plunger. Can I put that on my resume? 49 people showed up to Lego Club, but we're also putting a sound system in the community room, so I jammed everybody into half the room. It was cozy, but nobody complained.
  • I left after my program on Friday morning (with my director's permission). I went to Walmart for needed program supplies and then home to get the materials for the quilting program in August ready. It's not practical to lug all my cutting boards and ironing boards to work and I had to do the prep now so I could purchase and prepare whatever additional material was needed.
  • Which I will do this weekend.
  • and yes, i found the labels. typical.
Puppet Story Theater
The pillow puppets

Ms. Kate and her old lady story apron

Old man and the bluebird

How the duster puppet is made

What's under the blanket?

It's a bird!

I can see something at the edge...

It's the boogie-man! This was our favorite part, the kids loved the marionette

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