Saturday, August 3, 2013

This week at the library; or, Coming into the home stretch

Random Commentary
  • Only one week left of programs!
  • Monday was Monday - I work Monday evening and the afternoon is supposed to be my off-desk time (sort of unofficially, the schedule isn't that defined) and I did manage to clear a lot of stuff off my desk, get ready for the new summer reading materials we'll need on August 1, clean out my email, write up a report for the budget, etc. but I feel like there was a lot left undone. Summer is like that. Then, of course, I just had to joke with a mom when we were commiserating about Mondays that at least I hadn't had to plunge any toilets and guess what I had to do before I closed?
  • Tuesday - Pattie was gone, so I did her Toddlers 'n' Books sessions. I just used my Preschool Interactive plan for Wednesday and cut a bunch of stuff from it. Then we had our big program of the summer, Nature's Niche. He brings live animals and stays for up to two hours, great value for the money. I am very firm about not just having animals for "fun". If you've got exotic animals I want to know why. He does rescue and rehabilitation and has certifications and degrees, so I feel comfortable having him. This year, I really pushed that this program was for older kids and we were going to limit at the door how many came in. One of my aides helped me set up, then she sanitized kids and I counted. We had 100 people, almost all elementary-school aged kids. I got to see the coatimundi again, which I adore. Yay!
  • Wednesday - Preschool Interactive and a meeting to discuss staffing, budgeting, and other fun things.
  • Thursday - I cancelled Books 'n' Babies b/c Pattie was gone. There's no point in subbing for this program, b/c it's the kind of thing where you have to build up the kids' trust and I got tired of the babies crying. Plus, babies aren't my thing. I put out toys, including our new ball pit!! and bubbles. We had our last Messy Art Club in the afternoon. We did quilts last year and it was a big hit. Smaller group this year, but VERY enthusiastic.
  • Friday - What a day. I ran errands most of the morning (including 2 hours spent at Walmart getting folders for 1,000 books before kindergarten - do they have to count every individual folder? yes. all 1,000 of them). Then I came in and did some stuff, then I went back home to eat something, then I came back for Girls Night Out. I was actually able to leave at 8:30pm (partly b/c I just dumped everything in my office)
  • Only one more week to go!

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