Thursday, October 31, 2013

Read Scary

A few years ago I did a little private meme, collecting all the scary books I reviewed in October. This year I invite you to join in! Just post your scary book review in the comments and I'll collect them here throughout the month of October. You can add "Read Scary" to your title and labels as well.

Petrifying Picture Books
Eerie Easy Readers and Baleful Beginning Chapters
Monstrous Middle Grade
Terrifying Teens
Eerie Oddities


aquafortis said...

Love this idea! I just posted about zombie books today--is that too early? I know it's not technically October yet, but as I mentioned in my post, the grocery stores are already selling Halloween candy...

Jennifer said...

Nope, not too early. Except, I am assuming this is the post on Finding Wonderland? Google won't let me look at it because it thinks you have MALWARE. *gasp* can you give me the link, or let me know when it's get-at-able?

aquafortis said...

Ack! Yes. I had some kind of issue with a work-related website of mine, which I was also using to store some graphics for Finding Wonderland, and I guess it somehow got hacked and caused a cascading ripple effect of badness. I believe it's taken care of now (it looks like you got the link...). I reloaded everything and resubmitted to Google and whatnot.

Library Lady said...

Great idea! I just reviewed the new graphic novel, Plants vs Zombies: Lawnmageddon (yes, based on the video game!) It's due to be released this month and was a hoot to read ( version). If you'd like to add the review to your list, it is here: THANKS!

Birthday girl said...

Thanks for the opportunity Jennifer!
Mine is a little different as I blog about images of aging in kidlit. Here is the link:

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenninfer: I posted one this morning that is tagged as Read Scary. Both funny and scary, so a little different! Thanks. Here's the link:

Marty Mokler Banks
Chapter Book Chat

Katie Fitzgerald said...

You've already covered this book, but in case you'd like another point of view, here's my review of Home Sweet Horror:

I also reviewed A Wig in the Window, which is somewhat scary at certain points:

Mary Ann Scheuer said...

I have two great scary books to add:

Midnight Feast is a creepy book app for Tweens and teens:

Zombie Baseball Beatdown is a fun read with a not-too-subtle message, also for Tweens and teens:


Mary Ann
Great Kid Books

Jen Robinson said...

I posted about Bedtime Monsters (picture book about overcoming fears of monsters) here:

Also a bunch of Halloween picture books here:

Thanks for collecting these!

Charlotte said...

Hi Jennifer!

I went through my October reviews, and found Zombie Baseball Beaddown

The Witch's Guide to Cooking With Children, and The Witch's Curse, by Keith McGowan

thanks for the fun round-up!

Kate Hannigan said...

Great roundup of fun books and blogs! Thanks for sharing it.