Saturday, September 28, 2013

This week at the library; or, I need a vacation from my vacation

Random Commentary
  • I had Monday and Tuesday off, which I used for a fall cleaning and reorganization of my apartment. Anybody want to buy some extra bookshelves?
  • Got back to work on Wednesday and found our system had crashed. 30 people came to storytime in addition to the 20 kids of the school class and a good time was had by all (except the circulation staff) reset the room for the afternoon, went to the daycare, another 20 kids came and checked out books while I was gone, then general craziness. I probably owe the circulation staff chocolate, or somebody does at this point.
  • Another two visits on Thursday morning, a couple hours on the desk, and Messy Art Club. Also Teens on Screen (teen movie night) which I did not have to do, since our cataloger got roped into doing teen programs. I think about 10 teens came! Moving it to an earlier time worked well! We are still talking about my neighborhoods plan and everything is crazy. I am getting a sore throat and the staff probably never want to hear my voice again, I have talked so much!
  • Half day on Friday, I didn't expect too many people to show up at We Explore, especially since the weather was so nice, but 22 people came. I am trying to phase out these vague, themed, storytime-ish We Explores and I think I almost have a new plan in place, but I won't start it until the spring. I plan to have 1 monthly series with Pattie (she's doing a science series right now), 1 monthly series that I do with the same structure - I'm thinking of an author/illustrator series like the Eric Carle program I did last spring. The third monthly We Explore would either be an outside performer or a casual drop-in playgroup type thing, like We Explore Boats.
  • I am feeling that I may have overscheduled myself in the realm of outreach. I just got a request for the five first grades of one of our elementary schools to visit, looked at the week they requested, and realized I already had nine outreach visits that week, plus regular programs.
  • Saturday - I was hoping it wouldn't be too crazy, so I could get all the backlog of work done, and finish planning the October programs. HA! Just once, I would like to work a Saturday when all the dang computers don't crash.

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