Saturday, September 14, 2013

This week at the library; or, Jumping in with both feet

Random Commentary
  • Programs begin again this week. I've decided to add in all our programs to get a better feel of what's going on each week. Somehow a lot got crammed in this first week back and I feel we had a full week!
  • All I did for the homeschool meet 'n' greet was bake cookies, buy some grapes, and put together some children's crafts. I also gave a quick 10 minute talk on library resources. They ran the rest of it themselves pretty much and then I helped clean up. Which was good, b/c I was on the desk! I had intended to lend them my aide, but we had a schedule mix-up and she wasn't available. I think there were about 25 adults and maybe 20 kids. They brought some teens to watch the kids. Hmm. That was more than I thought. Anyways. It was a really crazy day.
  • We explored the Ice Age Trail last year and it was a hit, although not as many people came as I would have liked, since it was also the day a big senior group meets in the library and takes all the parking. This year, I vowed to plan no programs on senior travel day. The Ice Age Trail Alliance volunteers came on Wednesday and we walked through the library and planned and then they came at 8:30am to get everything set up and I helped. We still had about the same number, 26, but I realized that's actually a good number! The kids loved it and you can see pictures at the Photo albums! I'm going to add some captions later. Basically, they did storytime, then we did a mammoth hunt (think We're going on a bear hunt) through the library, then we had more storytelling and things to touch and cave drawing.

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