Saturday, November 16, 2013

This week at the library; or, Let's all relax

Random Commentary
  • Weekend Musings - thinking about delegation, balancing programming/storytimes, outreach, and all the other things I do as more projects get added to my plate and our attendance continues to grow. OMG I'm turning into a MANAGER. Spent a lot of time talking to folks in various library groups and re-reading all the posts on the Linkedin Youth Services Managers group about balancing programming and administrative duties (not that I have that many administrative duties, but other stuff...)
  • Also thinking about ways to get around over-crowding in some storytimes and low attendance in others. I'm thinking seriously about shifting our 10am storytimes to 9:30 so that if we need to add a second session it will be early enough for people to actually attend. Registration is never going to work in our town - and I want to avoid it if at all possible anyways.
  • Otherwise this week was pretty calm. I mean, there was plenty of drama, but none of it was new drama (other than the complete death and sudden, mysterious resurrection of my computer).

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