Saturday, December 14, 2013

This week at the library; or, Last week of programs!

Random Commentary
  • It has been a week of highs and lows. Some things I can't talk about - administrative stuff like wages and salaries are keeping our lives interesting. 
  • We always replace the last Toddlers 'n' Books of the season with a cookie program and a LOT of people came. 50? 60? Something like that. Of course, it was this morning that Hammie chose to go to that great hamster wheel in the sky, but fortunately I didn't check him until everyone was gone. Right now Hammie is visiting Santa and next week he's going to return (having gone on a diet and dyed his fur a little darker) with a brother, Humphrey, who will hopefully distract from any changes!
  • A few more kids returned challenges for Paws to Read and I am hopeful that we will make my overall goal of 50 participants for this first year.
  • So...forwards! I have a couple weeks now to go on vacation, relax, sleep in...
  • HA HA HA that's just what people think I do when there are no programs. I'm going to be planning winter programs, scheduling and organizing outreach, overhauling Preschool Interactive, working on reader's advisory and other resources, lots of marketing and publicity, end of year reports, hiring and training a second aide, and doing a lot of shelving while my first aide is gone over the holidays. I'll also be working on my newest idea (I know, hard to keep track!) Maker Kits! More on that later!

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