Sunday, January 5, 2014

Budget numbers, Programming numbers, Circulation numbers, I haz them ALL (Part Three)

Finally, we come to circulation. Once I've got all these numbers together, I use them to plan my collection development. Which areas need more money, which should be cut. Which months I should buy more to prepare for higher demands, which months I need to push the collection, etc.

Children's and YA circulation by month
  • January: 8,931
  • February: 8,172
  • March: 9,960
  • April: 9,692
  • May: 8,876
  • June: 12,994
  • July: 13,896
  • August: 11,437
  • September: 8,387
  • October: 9,648
  • November: 8,300
  • December: 6,854
Total Children's and YA circulation for 2013: 117,147

Circulation by Item Type/Location
  • Children's dvds: 27,124
    • This number stayed about the same. It's a novel concept, but I think I need to weed dvds, especially the ones with massive circulation and the old tv series. Time for some new Thomas dvds! Apart from anything else, we're running into a space issue.
  • Picture books (includes tub books and the now defunct concept location): 23,921
    • This went up by 1421, but I think weeding and the new neighborhoods project will increase it even further!
  • Juvenile Fiction (includes the now defunct juvenile graphic location): 13,524
    • The biggest increase here - 1884. That is probably mostly graphic novels and the result of shifting some of the more popular series into juvenile fiction.
  • Nonfiction: 9,215
    • Up by 1215, but this is still a disappointing number to me. I need to do a major overhaul of the nonfiction.
  • Easy readers: 8,910
    • Up by 210. This section needs overhauling - most of the easy readers are old and worn.
  • Juvenile series: 7,465
    • Down by 135 - a lot of this section was moved to juvenile fiction and I expect the number to be even lower next year as we finish the move.
  • Young Adult fiction: 5,142
    • Down by 50 I think, although I sort of rounded the numbers last year. I just can't get this section higher than about 5,000! I've turned over collection development to our cataloger and I'm lending her my primary aide for displays, so hopefully this will be the year!
  • Board Books: 4,070
    • Up by 570. We have a really good board book collection and I made more room this year, so next year I plan to replace a lot of grungy books and buy lots of new ones!
  • Young Adult graphics (includes manga): 2,512
    • Up by 512. I'm going to run out of space for manga! This section has gone up about 500 every year since I started it.
  • Wii Games: 2,512
    • Up by 1112, mostly because we had more to check out! I'm thinking of adding another game format this year.
  • Holiday books (primarily picture books): 1,263
    • Up by 163. I weeded and replaced quite a bit, but circulation on these never really varies much.
  • Blu-Ray: 771
    • Up by 271. Pulling them out from the back shelf where they were buried and putting them up on display made a big difference.
  • Audiobooks (including cd, playaway, and mp3): 524
    • Down by 176. I have no idea. Playaways check out the most, I think...
  • Spanish: 402
    • Up by 22. I just moved Spanish to the back of the area, so it might drop a bit next year, but it's never been a heavily circulating collection.
  • Parenting: 389
    • Up by 109. I moved this to the back as well, so we'll see if it drops or if it continues to stay steady.
  • Toy (our dramatic play bags): 382
    • I don't have the numbers from last year, but I think it's up.
  • Juvenile magazines: 351
    • No numbers to compare.
  • Young adult magazines: 263
    • No numbers to compare.
  • Book and CD (picture book and cd bags): 182
    • Up by 12 - this number never varies much, these mostly check out in the summer.
  • Music cds: 84
    • I don't have the numbers to compare - I think I need to weed this area. I don't buy much here though, because of the low circulation.
  • Oversized: 54
    • One of my eventual goals is to get rid of the oversized collection. We have a lot of huge Star Wars books that would circulate like crazy if anybody knew where to look for them!
  • Professional: 40
    • As you can see, I am quite fond of lending my professional collection out to teachers and anybody who asks really...


Anonymous said...

Your series is impressive. I have to get organized and do the same. Do you work alone in your department?

Jennifer said...

Sort of. I have a woman from the school district - Miss Pattie - who does storytimes and other programs for under 5s. Otherwise it's just me though. I'm getting a part-time associate this summer, but she'll be primarily working at the desk and only there for the summer.

Anonymous said...