Saturday, January 11, 2014

This week at the library; or, COLD

Random Commentary
  • I am really glad we don't start programs until next week because it was COLD. Sub-zero temperatures on Monday, and we only opened noon to five, then we closed early at 5 on Tuesday. There were quite a few people in the library anyways, but it was nice to have a slow start to the year (literally, in the case of my car).
  • Weeding. Program planning. More weeding. Cleaning out the Storyroom. Sorting the accumulation of donations. Decided that even if I don't get enough coupons for super readers club this summer I have enough books to use as prizes instead.
  • Lunch with some of the other children's librarians in the consortium on Thursday. We shared various ideas and just chatted.
  • Spent money! Ordered nonfiction sets from Bearport (and am just kicking myself in annoyance that I suddenly realized, after I'd sent the order of course, that I had meant to call and ask if I could get the newest two books in the Science is FUNdamental series, which is an awesome series, but for some reason they didn't have the two newest books available to buy singly and my contact left and WAAAAA I MISS YOU VALERIE) and after a lengthy phone call to ABDO (haven't ordered from them in several years, lost my account information, finally turned out I just needed to make a new account) I ordered some new sets of superhero comics. I ordered all the movies from the end of the year (we try to end ordering in November) and sent in a big supply order since next week...PROGRAMS.
  • I don't have anyone spontaneously playing with the flannel boards yet, but everyone I've pointed them out to has been excited. A mom and a little girl were playing with them Thursday evening and I realized I am totally a children's librarian when I got all excited over how they were interacting together! And the little girl was telling the story to mom (who kindly reorganized all my pieces, that the last little girls had put away in a hurry) and I was like OMG NARRATIVE SKILLS THIS IS SO COOL!! Sadly, the other staff gave me wary looks and cautiously edged away. I need a partner in crime.
  • Friday sucked. I'm just going to throw that out there. I woke up at 4am with the sudden realization that I had forgotten to send publicity to the schools. In fact, I had forgotten to do any publicity for some of my major programs. The day went down from there. I was sick, I fell on the ice (first time I've fallen in 5.5 years living in WI. It hurts.), I implemented my plan to order supplies for the entire year and then freaked out worrying that I hadn't estimated right, even though I had my numbers from last year, and I finished up with an awful commute home - my normal 15 minutes spread out over nearly an hour with an especially excited bit where I described a graceful parabola across two lanes. Fortunately, I did not get stuck, I did not break anything, and I have two days to recover.

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