Saturday, February 15, 2014

This week at the library; or, Hearts, hearts everywhere

Random Commentary
  • Yay Monday vacation, especially since it was FREEZING again. I could stay inside until spring quite happily. With Raven Ring by Patricia Wrede I began my project of reviewing my entire personal library, some 2,000 books at the moment. I'm going to *gasp* actually tag these reviews, although it's not something I usually do on that blog. I always start out really well cataloging everything in LibraryThing but at some point, I break down and forget to mark that I own things, don't put them away and just shove them on a shelf, etc. Then last fall I brought in some more shelves and now my books are piled all over the place. So, project organization!
  • aaaand, back to work. important projects this week - set up my new 5th grade outreach program that's going to happen in May (oh well, time next week, right? just played phone tag in the end), lay out a tentative summer calendar and book rooms and performers, and finish the job ad and interview questions for my new summer position! If you're local to my area and looking for a great summer job, the position opened yesterday!
  • I was originally going to do a big party for Paws to Read, but I only ended up with 25 kids participating, which means I only expected maybe 3 families, so I moved it to the Storyroom and basically just put out lots of paper to make Valentines, encouraged the kids to make valentines for their favorite books to put up in the library, and I had cookies that I'd baked for everyone. Only one participant actually came, but a couple other kids showed up, and then a lot of people started dropping in later. However, I was leaving, so I just left the room open and put up a sign for people to have a cookie and make a valentine.
  • I had brief thoughts at one time about doing drop-in crafts on Saturdays, or just opening the Storyroom to play, but it never came to anything. However, occasionally now when I'm working Saturday and have leftovers from a Friday program (i.e. I don't feel like cleaning up on Friday), I'll leave the room open and tell people they can play in there as they come into the library. Everybody likes this. Or, at least, nobody has complained yet.

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