Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby

While often overlooked in discussions of children's books, board books are, in my opinion, a critical collection for any library that serves young children. I've gotten a bit too complacent about my own library's large board book collection; while I do get a lot of compliments on the variety, amount, and overall decent condition, when I rearranged this area last year I found myself with extra space (and noticing a lot of the books that really needed to be retired!). I can't weed right now, but I can definitely fill in some of those empty spots on the shelves! In pursuit of this goal I've borrowed a lot of board books from other libraries and am digging back through my own (pitifully small) collection of board book reviews.

My full-length reviews for this blog average around 300 words and it's hard to stretch a board book review that far, but I'm going to have a try at a weekly series of board book reviews. I'll be revising older reviews and bringing over my short reaction pieces from my secondary blog as well. No promises that it will stay weekly though! More likely I'll go for a few months and then take a break until I get another stack together to look through.

The reviews will focus not just on content but on the physical book as well. Keep in mind that my primary audience for this blog is librarians and the focus is on collection development for libraries; there are a lot of board books that are great purchases for use at home, but won't work well in a library (puzzle books for example).

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