Monday, May 26, 2014

Nonfiction Monday: Science Experiments with Magnets by Alex Kuskowski

I haven't seen the series before this, Super Simple Science, but I am definitely on board with More Super Simple Science. I have one sample volume to share today, and I wish I'd seen this before I did my science program on magnets!

There is a brief note "to adult helpers" reminding them to review activities before the kids start and watch for sharp or hot things. There's an introduction to the Scientific Method and some general information about science and magnets, a pictorial guide to all the supplies, and then the experiments begin. There are 11 experiments including floating magnets, using a magnet to affect a compass, making things move with magnets, and finishing with creating your own magnet. This is followed by a brief glossary.

Each experiment is no more than 2-3 pages with clear photographs and simple, direct steps. Some of the experiments are messier than others, but almost all use only simple, household items. If you buy the entire set, the books come in at about $17 each.

Verdict: With the increasing interest in STEM in libraries, and especially in my own library with our program series of science programs for a wide variety of ages, more and more parents (and librarians) are looking for books that have simple science experiments for younger children. I really liked that this had a lot of simple things that kids could expand on as well as more traditional experiments, do this and then this happens. I've added this to my wishlist for when I have enough money and meanwhile I'll be borrowing the whole set from a neighboring library to give me ideas for our next Mad Scientists Club and We Explore Science.

ISBN: 9781617838538; Published 2014 by Super SandCastle/ABDO; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Purchased for the library

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