Saturday, May 24, 2014

This week at the library; or, Pre-Summer Crazy

Random Commentary

The new birdwatching station!
Read below for details
  • I feel like I have so much time to plan and all magically vanishes. Poof!
  • Monday started at 10:30 with a city insurance meeting on FLSA and FMLA. I wouldn't mind doing this, except we do it in concert with other city employees and they have very different work schedules (on call etc.) so it goes on and on and I want to scream. Although I was supposed to go to the 8am one with the other supervisors, but that would have given me a 12 hour day and my director kindly made an exception. Anyways, I got a bunch of crochet done. Then the meeting went long and I got back to work barely in time to greet my new summer employees. We had a couple of hours for me to dump EVERYTHING on them at once and then my other aide and Pattie came in and we had a departmental meeting.
  • My first departmental meeting! EEEEEE!! Yes, I am ridiculously excited about this (-:) We spent forever going over the complicated summer schedule and then talked about our goals for the department this summer and customer service. We came up with some great ideas for displays and promotions, so I'm excited! Then I worked on the schedule (omg SO complicated!) and gave my new staff a chance to do some shelving and get to know the collection. Then I was on the information desk until closing. I sort of finished the calendar, which I've been doing on publisher and has grown to ledger size, but I have so much going on that it's getting out of control. I think I'm going to try something else - get an email just for the aides and use google calendar or something.
  • Tuesday - I dropped summer newsletters off at our biggest daycare/4K/after school care location. I'm hoping they'll participate in daycare summer reading this year. Then I took Emily (my summer associate! Woo!) to the elementary school for kindergarten visits so she could meet the kids and get a feel for the programs. In the afternoon I got my summer aide, Katrina, started on inventory (which we haven't done in years and we have a new and fancy mobile circ thingy...which hopefully works!) and I worked on the disaster area that is my desk, frantically cleaning the storyroom b/c I forgot a group was coming to use it, and getting ready for visits tomorrow. I also started transferring all my staff schedules to google calendar. We'll see how it goes.
  • Wednesday - nobody should have to get up this early. Ugh. I do it cuz I love you guys. I had a sixth grade class visit the library at 8am, so I had to be there at about 7:30 to get ready. About 30-45 minutes of summer reading program promotion and booktalks and then time to browse. Then again at 10am. About 10 kids from each class had brought their library cards to check out books and several others put books on holds. Then at 1:30 I took Emily and we went out to my 4K site. I had about an hour to finally finish the new staff calendar and then I left early for an appointment (and because I had worked an insane amount of time this week!)
  • Thursday - I realized on my way home last night that I forgot important things. Argh. So I had to go to work around 8:45 to pick up stuff for my visit and finish other stuff (and the staff were all "who's supposed to be on the desk and open? and I'm like I dunno, but it's not me!) and then I met Emily at the 4K site for the other two visits, then back to the library. I covered the information desk for an hour so my director could take a break and Emily set up the 6th grade visit, then my director went back and covered my time so I could do my third and last sixth grade visit, then I finished my information desk time - and finished downloading all my publicity pictures from Picasa to folders on our shared drive. That afternoon was my first summer promotion thingy for the homeschoolers. I wasn't sure how it would work out, so I did a really simple thing. I had tons of books (extra copies of what I'm taking to the schools) and some simple collage materials - magazines, scissors, glue, sparkles, and recycled card stock. Only two families came, but a few other people wandered in to check out books and it's not like I spent a lot of time on it. I think the morning would probably work better. Then Stuff Happened and I didn't leave until nearly six. Oh, and moving the teen area is DEFINITELY happening and inventory is, as always, screwed up. Suddenly realized that, duh, we have a new mobile circ system and I don't have to do it all at once!
  • Friday - A staff member had a shepherd's hook, so I spent my couple hours putting together the bird-watching station! I printed coloring pages from this site and you can see all the handouts and forms here. I got this idea from reading Look up! Bird-watching in your own backyard by Annette LeBlanc Cate and Citizen Science by Loree Griffin Burns. I desperately need some new bird guides, but I'll get those in June. Then I worked on the insanity that is my desk.
  • Saturday - In between the usual Saturday craziness I continued to clean off my desk and tackle my to-do list.
  • Phew! Have some more pictures of our birdwatching station and the volcanoes my summer aide, Katrina, has made for us!

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