Saturday, August 23, 2014

This week at the library; or, Vacation!

What's Happening - in my head and at the library
  • This week's projects
    • Put together my bulletin board display of alternative movies
    • Put together my activity table for Kandinsky circles - got this idea from a librarian on Facebook  from Hillside Library in NJ and it was awesome (I found it again on their website, and now I can't find it to link). Unless it turns out to be a huge mess, I hope to leave it up through September.
    • Filled in book bundles and other neglected displays
    • Started cleaning out my office - couldn't tell the difference. Oh well. Next week.
    • Finished general library publicity, started outreach packets for schools. Will finish that next week, also finding out about posting something at the laundromat.
    • Randomly collected some books to be changed in the Neighborhoods. Meant to finish the As in picture books, didn't get to it.
  • I had vacation on Thursday and Friday - fun things included the zoo, and associated journeyings and a trip to the salon.

What the kids are reading
  • Potty Training books. This is apparently what everyone thinks of in August before school
  • Trains - specifically Thomas
  • Katie Woo
and then I got to be a Cybils judge! That's all folks...

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