Saturday, September 6, 2014

This Week at the Library; or, Here Comes Fall

What's Happening - In My Head and At the Library
  • We were closed Monday for the holiday and programs started on Saturday, so it's a bit of an odd week all around. We also continued to have major issues with the printer/copier, had our rug cleaned (I moved a LOT of stuff) and got the chalkboard wall repainted with magnetic paint. The fumes were horrendous.
  • Wrote my monthly report - now that I'm doing a narrative as well as statistics it takes a bit longer. Overall, summer reading participation was up by about 50 from last year, program attendance over the entire summer increased from last year by over 1,000!!, and we did very well in circulation, although we didn't see any of the massive jumps we did last year. That's ok, we couldn't have shelved that many items anyways.
  • Planned the fall festival and other programs.
  • Finished the A's in the picture books for changing over to the Neighborhoods!
  • Still working on shelf labels, which has turned out to be quite time-consuming
  • Sorting all the donation/summer reading prize books for storage.
  • Our school district has issued computers to all the kids 3rd grade through high school. Once we figured out how to get them logged into wi-fi, it's been a remarkably quiet first week of school! No more kids futzing around because they have blocked cards and can't use a computer, or there aren't enough computers to go around. A few kids have complained that they're heavy, in addition to their heavy backpacks (which I have to agree with) and some teachers, parents (and kids) have doubts about their educational use, but I'm happy!
  • It was a long week - I thought I'd just be at the library for a couple hours on Saturday for the fall festival and ended up staying over 4 hours. Oh well.
What the kids are reading
  • 5th grade books for a girl who doesn't like to read (she did like Wimpy Kid and Ramona). I gave her Ellie McDoodle, Calli Be Gold, and Fashion Kitty (she didn't like Fashion Kitty).
  • Mo Willems
  • Books on death (two requests for death of a parent )-:) I could add to this collection
  • Potty training
  • books for a 1st grader (easy readers)
  • fantasy books for an adult who likes juvenile/ya as well as adult. Lackey's Joust was just what she wanted.

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