Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Read Scary: Read, Read, Read said the Baby: Where's Boo? by Salina Yoon

(This is an edited and republished version of an older review)

A Halloween read for the very littlest ones!

The green half circle with the tip of Boo's tail is a cut out - the green is on the very last page. Each page asks where Boo is hiding and shows the end of his tail behind a different Halloween item - a Jack-o'-lantern, cookie jar with a ghost on it, etc. Each time it turns out to be a different creature - a spider, the handle of a Halloween candle, etc. until we finally find Boo dressed up for Trick-or-treat at the end.

The pictures are cute enough, and have that bold, simple outline I look for in board books, but I didn't think the tail theme fit very well into some of them. The cat's face on the cover and the tail end are both fuzzy.

Verdict: This is the kind of cute novelty book that parents will check out eagerly, but it will be forgotten soon and dirty in a few months. If you really have a lot of requests for Halloween board books you might consider it, but otherwise it would make a better gift than a circulating library title. I donated it to one of our circulation clerks whose daughter was obsessed with Halloween and had seen this book at another library and declared it her favorite and they loved it.

ISBN: 9780307978080; Published 2013 by Random House; Review copy provided by publisher; Given away as a gift

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