Friday, October 10, 2014

Read Scary: Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks

I can't believe I've never reviewed this. It's the first Faith Erin Hicks book I encountered; in fact, I believe it's her first full-length graphic novel. I still love it.

So the story is pretty simple. Joss is worried about her exams, student loan debt and where her life is going. Really, she'd prefer just to watch her favorite zombie films and indulge her obsession for all things British. But when zombies really DO attack, it takes all Joss's knowledge to keep herself and her roommates, Sonnet and Robyn, alive.

When I booktalk this at schools (which I haven't done in a while) I always give it the tagline "armed only with a spork, Joss must defeat the forces of the undead!" heh. It actually has quite a few serious moments; when Joss talks with her friends about where her life is going (or isn't), when they survive the zombie attacks but realize how many people didn't, etc. There are also lots of hilarious, if inappropriate, moments; when Joss and Robyn discuss whether or not, as virgins, they'll survive the zombie apocalypse, and plenty of gore-spattered inappropriate laughs.

Fans of Hicks will easily see how far her art has come in the past years, but in the simple black and white sketches that make up the art of this book you can still see her distinctive style - wide eyes, expressive faces, realistic body shapes, and lots of wavy lines and gross zombies.

I probably shouldn't have, but I've booktalked this to sixth grade *guilty look*. Nobody has ever complained - either the kids never actually read it, or, far more likely, anything inappropriate just completely passed over their heads. Nevertheless, I don't advise you to tempt fate like I did and I suggest keeping your recommendations for this one at a high school level.

Verdict: I'm not entirely sure this is actually available. Baker and Taylor lists it as available for backorder, but that usually means "you order it and we will laugh and laugh and laugh and then six months later send you a cancellation notice". It is available on Amazon though. There are a lot of zombie books out there and Faith Erin Hicks has come a long way and her later books are more likely to be popular library choices. However, if you want a funny, quick read, I suggest this for your personal collection or as a gift for the zombie-lover in your life (and if you don't have one, congratulations! You have just raised your chances of surviving the upcoming zombie apocalypse)

ISBN: 9781593620790; Published 2009 by Slave Labor Graphics; Purchased for the library and my personal collection

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