Sunday, October 26, 2014

Read Scary

Welcome to my private meme, collecting all the scary books I review in October. Join me! Just post your scary book review in the comments and I'll collect them here. You can add "Read Scary" to your title and labels as well. Check out the comments for more suggestions and other blogs running similar memes.

Petrifying Picture Books
Baleful Beginning Chapters
  • Waiting for something scary!
Monstrous Middle Grade
Terrifying Teens
Eerie Oddities


Resh said...

Hi Jennifer
I recently read (and reviewed) Winter's "Literally Disturbed: Tales to keep you up at night". Its a collection of spooky poems.
Happy Halloween!
-Reshama @ StackingBooks

Mary Ann Scheuer said...

Four suggestions for the youngest crowd:
Beginning readers enjoy You Read To Me, I'll Read to You--Scary Stories and Monster School

two picture books that also incorporate counting skills: Ten Orange Pumkins and Not Very Scary

thanks for the roundup!

Margot Finke said...

What a terrific list of books for all ages of kids. I have added your page to my HOOK Kids on Reading -- on Pinterest.

I would like to add my well reviewed "The Revenge of Thelma Hill," Kindle and soft cover.
When a ghost begged Frannie to help trap the man who killed her, Frannie freaked out. She had enough trouble dealing with her twin brother and her missing Mom. Yet she felt sorry for Thelma Hill, so they made a deal-- Frannie would help with the ghost's revenge, if the ghost looked for her mom. Not so fast. . . and definitely NOT so easy!

Margot Finke

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jean. I remember you did this last year as well--nice!

My blog, Chapter Book Chat, is highlighting scary books all month. I'm calling it Fright Month. So far three posts are up, and two more will go up by the end of the month (I post on Wednesdays). All are chapter books (although the last post will spotlight Spiderwick Chronicles, which could easily fit as middle grade as well).

The link is:

Thanks! Marty Banks

Miss Michelle said...

In a Dark, Dark Room by Alvin Schwartz could fit the bill for a beginning chapter reader. Scary too!

Kelly Bennett said...

Check out Vampire Baby, what's scarier than a little sister with long, sharp, poiinted fangs? Here's the trailer: And reviews: