Saturday, October 11, 2014

This week at the library; or, Good-bye vacation, I barely knew ye

At the zoo with my new hood and mitts. And bear.
What's happening; in my head and at the library
  • I was on vacation Monday - Wednesday, although I did go in to work on Wednesday for a farewell party for (yet another) staff member who is leaving us. 
  • I also started an online class on youth services management with Marge Loch-Wouters. I have already got a whole page of ideas of how I need to fix my planning and goal-setting process for the department. I mean, not that I have one to fix, but to start one!
  • Thursday - I came back to 68 (make that 77) holds on my desk, approximately 100 new books, and a grim determination to Make it Through. I wore my turtle earrings. I made calls. I arranged community tours, rescheduled a daycare, called all the schools to see if they'd help me promote the programs I'm doing on an upcoming no school day, called more schools to discuss/schedule outreach, updated my main calendar with all the changes and the staff calendar, since I'll be needed to fill in at the front desk due to the staff member leaving, and planning enough of Friday's program to be able to wing it. Then Messy Art Club.
  • THERE WERE BIRDS AT THE BIRDWATCHING STATION!!! and half the seed was gone - I am so thrilled! After a whole summer of nothing (since I *cough* neglected to realize there were little doors that needed to be opened), and then weeks after I opened them still nothing, this was absolutely wonderful!
  • Friday - program, then I was on the main information desk for most of the afternoon and continued to deal with the holds, new books, and started up work on the Neighborhoods project again.
  • Saturday I went back to the zoo for an early childhood education class on big cats. It's funny because someone (I don't remember who) at ALSC Institute jokingly said something about their zoo advertising early literacy classes, but our zoo does these classes and they're actually really good! Primarily for daycare staff, they were really surprised when a couple librarians showed up, but I got a lot out of the last one and who doesn't like big cats?
  • Our town's battle of the books doesn't start until December, but quite a few other towns are showing up. Parents would really like if we had ALL the lists, but I don't see a way to make that happen!
What kids are reading and talking about
  • Yes, I have ordered all the Minecraft books. Well, all the handbooks anyways. 
  • Parent asked for easy readers with just text on one side of the page and illustrations on the other. My hands were covered in grease and I was starting a program in five minutes so I really blanked. Maybe some of Holiday House's I Like To Read series?


Abby Johnson said...

Oh, holy cats. I never thought about organizations like zoos, etc. doing teacher trainings! I am definitely looking into that - I think it'll really help me with my preschool STEM programs!

Jennifer said...

It's awesome! Milwaukee Zoo only does three a year and they're not very well-advertised but so worth it - only $25 and that gets you free zoo admission. The presenter does an information presentation about the subject, then a storytime (well, circle time/lesson) to show you how to take the information and present it to little kids, then a ton of crafts and extension activities, divides the class into groups to come up with ideas on how they'd use the information for their age group, then a behind the scenes zoo tour - we got to see the baby jaguars!