Sunday, November 9, 2014

Planning next year at the library: Goals and program layout

Since I'm trying to plan many new things, I thought "hey, why not crowd-source?" So, this is my new mission statement, goals, and objectives for the youth services department (not final!) and my layout of programs for January - May. All suggestions, thoughts, criticisms, gratefully received...I'm especially always worried that I'm not underplanning or overplanning - it's hard to know what's a balance of programs, you know?

Mission Statement
The mission of the Youth Services Department of the Matheson Memorial Library is to provide informational, educational, and recreational services, in a friendly and supportive setting, to all families, children, and caregivers of the Elkhorn community. These services are available through quality materials and programs offered by a friendly and knowledgeable staff in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The Youth Services Department serves as a family gathering place focused on educating, enriching, and entertaining the families, children, teens, and caregivers of the public.

Department Goals
  • Serve all age groups with a variety of programs.
  • Serve all families and caregivers with a broad programming schedule
  • Make the Youth Services Department a destination by offering a welcoming, fun, and enriching environment

2014/2015 Objectives
  • Offer programs for each time slot (morning, afternoon, early evening, late evening)
  • Offer a wider variety of programs for early childhood; active/movement programs and programs directed at smaller groups.
  • Offer a wider variety of school-age programs, specifically for smaller groups, which will enable us to build relationships and encourage use of the collection
  • Revive middle school and teen programs, creating simple, sustainable programs that build on school-age program participants
  • Expand outreach to four year olds to build an audience for the preschool programming schedule.
How Will We Get There? Meeting Objectives
  • Alternate programs in time slots so we can offer more variety (monthly/bi-monthly instead of weekly)
  • Alternate programs - storytime/dance program/art program etc. instead of the same program every week
  • Stagger programs - don’t start everything all at once, put in gaps when I know there will be heavy calls for outreach (end of October, end of April)
  • Start with one middle school program (reviving middle school madness) and creating a teen volunteer program

  • Implement a planning schedule to streamline marketing, budgeting and create better long-term evaluation of programming and build word-of-mouth interest in programs
    • November (Thanksgiving) finalize plans for January - May
    • April (after big party) finalize plans for June - August
    • August finalize plans for September - December

Library programsStaffAudienceDayTimeFrequencyAvg. Att.
Pattie's C.A.F.E.Pattie0 to 5M10 to 12Monthly, 1st Monday20
Moms with MultiplesPattie0 to 5M10 to 12Monthly, 2nd Monday15
Playgroup with PattiePattie0 to 5M10 to 12Monthly, 4th Monday20
Tiny TotsPattie, Associate0 to 5M6:30 to 7:30Weekly15
BookaneersJennifer6 to 8M6:30 to 7Monthly, 4th Monday5
Toddlers 'n' BooksPattie0 to 5Tues10 to 122 sessions weekly25
Preschool InteractiveJennifer3 to 5W1:30 to 3Twice monthly20
Winter WigglersJennifer0 to 5W10 to 12Monthly20
We Explore NatureJennifer3 to 5W10 to 12Monthly (no 4K)20
Middle School MadnessAssociate11 to 13W3 to 5Weekly10
Books 'n' BabiesPattie0 to 2Thur10 to 12Weekly20
Lego ClubJenniferAllThur3:30 to 5:30Twice monthly35
Messy Art ClubJenniferAllThur3:30 to 5:30Monthly40
Mad Scientists ClubJenniferAllThur3:30 to 5:30Monthly35
Family game nightPattie0 to 5Thur6:30 to 7:30Monthly10
We Explore SciencePattie0 to 5F10 to 12Monthly40
We Explore Favorite ArtistsJennifer3 to 5F10 to 12Twice monthly20
Special Programs
Saturday kick-offPattie, JenniferSat10:30 to 11:30January
Angry BirdsJenniferAllF4 to 5January25
Paws to Read partyJenniferAllF4 to 5February25
Dr. Seuss partyJenniferAllF4 to 5February35
Annual Spring Break T-Shirt PartyJenniferAllF4 to 5March40
Under the SeaPattie, Jennifer3 to 5W10 to 12April200
Fancy partyJenniferAllF4 to 5May35
Muffins with MomJenniferAllSat10:30 to 11:30May25
TLCJennifer3 to 5W1:30/9:30-114 classes monthly45
Step AheadJennifer3 to 5field trip to library in April
Lakelands Little LearnersJennifer3 to 5W/F4-6 monthly visits
TibbetsJennifer5 to 6Tues3 classes monthly
Jackson/West SideJennifer5 to 6F10 to 116-8 kindergarten classes200
Jackson/West Side/TibbetsJennifer8 to 12Tues8 to 12approx. 10 teams100
Jackson/West Side/TibbetsJennifer9 to 12 fifth grade classes250
Jackson/West Side/Tibbets/EAMS sixth gradeJennifer
Stealth Programming
Paws to Read (winter)
1,000 books before kindergarten
Take home bags
Activity table
Culver's coloring contest
Birdwatching station


Diane said...

Wonderful goals. Could you tell me about your Lego Club?

Jennifer said...

It was the first of my after school clubs and it's definitely the easiest! Basically I have a ton of Legos, I put them all out on two tables, a table of new books, and then the kids build. All my after school clubs are open to all ages, drop-in any time between 3:30 and 5. I have anywhere from 30 people (bad weather/after school scheduling) to 90+ in the summer!

Melisa Giddens said...

You've inspired me to layout my programming goals for 2015. I'd like to hear more about Patti's CAFE, your annual t-shirt event, and the Under the Sea program. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Happy day,
"Miss Lisa," NC

Jennifer said...

Pattie is the Parent Connections/Pupil Services person from the school district. She is not a library employee. Her job is to work with all children ages 0-5 in the school district. She does programs at the Recreation Dept. works with daycares and preschools, is on the 4K board, etc. She's gradually been doing more and more of her programming at the library, which is a great deal for both of us! CAFE (Coffee and Fun Every time) is basically her office hours! People can bring kids and there stuff for them to do, she sets up coffee and snacks, and they can talk to her to get community information, developmental concerns, etc.

Jennifer said...

Part of her job description requires a certain number of programs (I don't know the exact ins and outs of this) but she fulfills that requirement with a big program every April that celebrates Week of the Young Child. We collaborate to celebrate National Library Week. It's pretty crazy. This is last year

Jennifer said...

The T-shirt party is really simply - it's the one program I've done during Spring Break for the past....4? 5? years. This is last year, when I made some changes