Sunday, November 16, 2014

RA RA READ: Teens Who Need a Laugh

Humor is really subjective and seems to get more so the older you get. These are books I found hilarious, bearing in mind I rarely read teen books and have, according to my friends, the sense of humor of an eleven year old.
  • Into the wild nerd yonder by Julie Halpern
    • Jessie is ready to join a new group of friends. The band geeks? The nerds? The punks? THE NERDS? I reviewed this one a long time ago.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant (series) by Derek Landy
    • He's a living, breathing, fire-throwing skeleton...and he's got a sense of humor, even if the world IS coming to an end. (After the first couple books the series gets more intense and not as funny)
  • Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
    • A young witch-to-be named Tiffany teams up with the Wee Free Men, a clan of six-inch-high blue men, to rescue her baby brother and ward off a sinister invasion from Fairyland. 
  • A bad day for Voodoo and I have a bad feeling about this by Jeff Strand
  • Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede
    • Bored with traditional palace life, a princess goes off to live with a group of dragons and soon becomes involved with fighting against some disreputable wizards who want to steal away the dragons' kingdom. 
These are what reviewers and teens have told me are funny.
  • Does my head look big in this? by Randa Abdel-Fattah
  • Squashed by Joan Bauer
  • All-American Girl (series) by Meg Cabot
  • Oh. My. Gods (series) by Tera Lynn Childs
  • Happyface by Stephen Emond
  • Two parties, one tux, and a very short film about the Grapes of Wrath by Steven Goldman
  • Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger
  • My most excellent year by Steve Kluger
  • Vegan, Virgin, Valentine by Carolyn Mackler 
  • Dairy Queen (trilogy) by Catherine Murdock
  • How to get suspended and influence people by Adam Selzer
  • Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick
  • Spud (series) by John Van de Ruit

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