Saturday, November 29, 2014

This week at the library; or, Guess whose turn it is to work Thanksgiving weekend?

Paws to Read, ready to go
What's going on: In my head and at the library
  • Not that I'm complaining - we all share the holiday weekends pretty equally. I'm just kind of tired right now. No programs this week - we had a staff meeting and then I had another meeting with Pattie and my director to finalize the schedule for next year. I spent most of the time I was here cleaning off my desk, working on neighborhoods, and working on the schedule.
  • We close at 5:30 on Wednesday (I came in late because I bought a freezer! but then Best Buy's weird insanities made it impossible to get it delivered, so one of the library staff really nicely came over to help me get it home. I left early because I was working Saturday) and are closed Thursday and Friday. Some libraries around here are open Friday, so we're lucky!
  • I did have reader's advisory questions, but I was too busy to remember what they were...

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