Saturday, November 15, 2014

This week at the library; or, So much for all my planning time

What's happening: In my head and at the library
  • I turned my goals and program planning in to my director; now I just have to wait for her feedback, put them into the actual calendar, give it to my school colleague, and then meet to discuss and finalize next year. And, of course, actually plan the programs...
  • Still working on NEIGHBORHOODS, piles of stuff on my desk, Cybils, planning the last bits of programs for this year.
  • The homeschool thing went well - I basically just pulled together bits of all my regular school tours and then had some crafts. The kids really loved the scavenger hunts. There were about 25 people - some of them were just random people with toddlers and preschoolers who happened to be there and tagged along.
  • 74 people came to Lego Club. Then the next morning I had to take down all the tables and run back to back tours with my director for 70 four year olds. THIS is why I never have planning time!
  • I am trying desperately to keep my mind off next summer. You are planning WINTER and SPRING mind, not summer! Not yet! But I do have to at least briefly think about it because, if I'm going to step away from the CSLP theme which I definitely plan to do, I have to convince my director now because of the crazy ordering schedule of CSLP promotional material.
  • And then I realized I'd had an error in my formula in my budget spreadsheet and every time our cataloger had ordered teen fiction it had flipped over and back into the budget so I overspent my budget by $600. This was a rather fraught week.
  • Moms with multiples
  • Tiny Tots
  • Toddlers 'n' Books
  • Homeschool tour/library visit/scavenger hunts
  • November Outreach: Tales and Tails (1 visit)
  • Middle School Madness
  • Books 'n' Babies
  • Lego Club
  • Family Game Night
  • Kohls Wild Theater (including tour)
What the kids are reading
  • I spy/Look inside
  • Books about sentence structure/writing (tutor)
  • Alexander and the no good etc. (was in the back)
  • historical fiction at least 120 pages (school assignment)
  • ocean animals (this turned out to be dolphins and whales of course)
  • 800 lexile books - she wanted Jigsaw Jones, but it wasn't the right lexile. We went through the list and she ended up taking Allie Finkle and an Andrew Clements book.
  • Lego books
  • Dogs of War by Sheila Keenan

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