Saturday, December 6, 2014

This week at the library; or, The End Draweth Near

This is our new I Spy aquarium, made by a volunteer.
The last one had been up since summer. This one has
fewer things in it, but there is a list that they can look for
and mark off - and I can add to it.
What's going on; in my head and at the library
  • This is always the time of year when I am at that delicate point between "I have a ton of time let's plan All The Things for next year" and "OMG Programs Start Next Week and Nothing Is Planned". I've got more programs in December this year, so it's a bit augmented.
  • Also, I'm only in the Ks in neighborhoods. But I am grimly determined to FINISH by the end of the year, even though my replacement cart for next year is reaching gargantuan proportions and I'm feeling stretched very thin. By Friday, I made it to the Ms! I passed the halfway mark!
What the kids are reading
  • Books about Japan
  • Historical fiction about Vikings (I didn't have anything that didn't include fantasy and that was short enough to read in two days or tonight - there was a disagreement about when the assignment was due - so I gave them Snow Treasure)
  • Paws request - historical fiction picture book. I showed them the new Long Ago section in the neighborhoods and they took a Little House picture book
  • Paws request - a book about a kid who has magic - I gave them Magic thief
  • "a good book", liked Hunger Games and was carrying War Dogs so I gave her Winter Horses
  • school assignment 7th grade, liked Hunger Games and wanted to read Fault in our stars - gave her Last Princess, Always War, Sektion 40, Before I Die, and Before I Fall
  • Forensics - storytelling. I gave her Little House chapter books for both "party" and "stories about Wisconsin" and Each Kindness for "injustice" and Scary Stories to Read in the Dark for "stories to tell around a campfire.
  • Rescue princesses - I just bought these and they are all checked out. I suggested Never Girls instead.

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Ami said...

Love the I Spy aquarium! Definitely on my to do list now.