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Budget Numbers, Circulation Numbers, Programming Numbers, I Haz Them ALL (part 1)

The Statistics Octopus
It's a thing
I really love numbers. Last year I did a series of posts on yearly numbers and it was very useful in my planning process, plus fun! so I'm doing it again this year. Programming numbers were kind of weird this year. Some regular programs were cancelled for part of the year, some had unexpected large attendance, some smaller programs we kept for reasons other than statistics. I had a lot more outreach, which cancelled out the cancelled programs. All these numbers are for our children's programs; I didn't even bother to include teen programs/numbers because they were minimal and we're completely overhauling the teen offerings (such as they are) this year.

Total Programs (including outreach): 364
Total Attendance (including outreach): 12,282
Average individual program attendance: 34
This was an increase of 6 programs and 723 attendance from 2013. I feel confident that my position at the top rung of the programming and attendance stats in our consortium is secure. Not that it is a competition. At all. Really.

Regular programs
These programs are run on a regular basis, weekly or monthly, except over breaks and holidays.
  • Storytimes and Early Literacy Programs for ages 5 and under (*facilitated or offered by my partner through the school district)
    • *Toddlers 'n' Books (10am): 37 programs, 1,068 attendance, average 29
    • *Toddlers 'n' Books (11am): 37 programs, 938 attendance, average 25
    • *Books 'n' Babies: 44 programs, 1,080 attendance, average 25
    • Preschool Interactive (winter/spring/summer): 22 programs, 466 attendance, average 21
    • *We Explore Science: 7 programs, 416 attendance, average 59
    • We Explore Favorite Artists: 8 programs, 197 attendance, average 25
    • We Explore Nature (fall): 3 programs, 44 attendance, average 15
    • *Pattie's Playgroup, Pattie's CAFE, Moms with Multiples: 21 programs, 603 attendance, 29 average
    • *Tiny Tots, Family Game Night: 25 programs, 372 attendance, average 15
  • Family and School Age Programs
    • Lego Club: 13 programs, 525 attendance, average 40
    • Messy Art Club: 11 programs, 603 attendance, average 55
    • Mad Scientists Club: 6 programs, 234 attendance, 39 average
Other (special) programs
These are one-time or infrequent programs. Some of them are annual, some of them are things we tried for the first time and did not continue.
  • Smitty and Mary G.: 83
    • Musical performance for West Side kindergarten
  • Welty Environmental Center: 2 performances, 50 and 35 attendance
    • Summer kick-off and fall program on a no-school day (which was a scheduling snafu I made)
  • Storywagon: Glen Gerard: 187
  • Storywagon: Duke Otherwise: 175
  • Storywagon: Wayne and Wingnut: 180
  • Storywagon: Science Alliance: 138
  • Nature's Niche: Weird Science: 105
  • Ice Age Trail: Going on a mammoth hunt: 45
  • Kohls Wild Theater: 123
    • This performance is primarily for our biggest 4K school, but I usually get around 50 parents and toddlers showing up as well.
These are all my outreach visits, on and off-site. Some include remote collections.
  • Monthly off-site visits (3 kindergarten classes, 3 4K classes, 1 3 yr old class)
  • On-site outreach (visits, tours, etc.)
    • Lakeland (special education school): 2 visits, 10 attendance at each
    • Elementary School Art Show - 100 attended the open house at the library (estimated)
    • First Lutheran brought their 20 1st and 2nd graders (including teachers, chaperones, etc.) for a tour.
    • Step Ahead Preschool: 2/38
    • Battle of the Books District Battle was held at the library with 108 kids in teams plus teachers, parents, volunteers, etc.
    • 6th Grade gold team visited in 3 groups, 150 kids total
    • 5th Grades visited in 2 groups, 220 total, for 2 magic shows before summer
    • I tried two outreach programs with the homeschoolers - a summer preview (13) and a tour (25)
    • Safety Town, summer kindergarten: 80
    • 3 classes, total 75 1st graders visited the library for We Explore Favorite Artist Eric Carle
    • Jackson 1st grade visited the library in two groups, total 90 for the First Grade library bingo tour
    • Jackson 2nd grade visited the library in two groups, total 90 for the Second Grade Community Walk
  • Off-site outreach (school visits for summer)
    • 6th Grade purple team - 150 kids, booktalks and summer promotion
    • 3 elementary schools visited, 15 presentations, total 1,183 (summer preview)
    • 3 storytimes for summer school kindergarten (session 2), total of 45 kids.
    • I participated in the school's Project R.E.A.D. and reached about 70 people.
Stealth Programming
This includes my reading programs and all other stealth programming.
  • 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten: 106 new families joined and participants read 8,950 books
  • Culver's coloring contest: 100
  • Chick Central
  • Birdwatching station: 188
  • Stuffed animal sleepover: 47
  • Activity Table: 4 activities, 107 participants
  • Take home storytime: 5 themes, all 138 bags taken (they would have taken more if I'd made more!)
  • Summer Reading: 56 Rubber Ducky Readers, 516 for the general program, 128 super readers, 60 daycare, and 56 middle school/teens
  • Paws to Read (Dec. '13 to Feb. '14): 26 kids read 158 books
  • Paws to Read (animal shelter visits): 4 visits, about 100 people involved
  • I Spy Aquarium: 10 (this was all the check off sheets I started with)

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