Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Read, Read, Read said the Baby: Big Girl Panties by Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Valeria Petrone

[This review was previously posted. It has been edited.]

An enthusiastic little girl delights in her panties - all colors, patterns, and decorations. Only big girls can wear panties and she's definitely a big girl, no more diapers for her! Just like moms, grandmas, and aunties, she loves to wear her big girl panties.

Petrone's pictures are simple and cheerful, just right for a board book. Each spread focuses on the little girl of the cover with her Pippi-like hair, waltzing about in her red shirt and a marvelous variety of panties.

This isn't really a potty training book, just a cheerful paean to the joy of fancy underwear and being a big girl. Some parents might be a little concerned about how freely the girl shows off her new acquisitions.

Verdict: Cute, brightly colored, and cheerful. Not a necessary purchase, but a fun addition to the board book collection. Ours was so popular it fell apart and I had to replace it!

ISBN: 9780307931528; Published 2012 by Robin Corey Books/Random House; Review copy provided by the publisher; Donated to the library (later purchased a replacement)

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