Saturday, January 10, 2015

This week at the library; or, New year - meh

What's going on in my head and at the library

  • Well, this is a salubrious start to the new year. I am miserably sick. It's not all bad however, as when I get sick I tend to range from depressed I-will-never-get-better misery to stoic if-I'm-sick-I-might-as-well-be-productive-damnit and I get a ton of work done. Over the weekend (and last Friday I went home sick) I managed to get all my reports and statistics done, except one that I need another report from circ to finish, and I got the programs laid out in my programming blog, In Short, I'm Busy, so that I could put together my supply lists for the winter/spring. I still have to actually write up the programs and choose books etc. but the supply lists are the first thing.
  • Monday - staff meeting. I filled in all the activity stations and stealth programs that were emptied over the holidays. Displays, cleaning off desk, all the misc. stuff. I also worked on getting all my stealth programs up so I can link to them and track them as I change stuff.
  • Tuesday: Ordering supplies. This ended up involving phone calls and lots of sturm und drang. However, thanks to some helpful customer service representatives, I now have ordered all the program supplies through May, including an incubator, microscope, blocks, bubble blowers, and musical instruments. I also got to try to explain to a disbelieving and bored credit card customer service person why I was trying to use the city credit card at Gymboree (bubble blowers and musical shakers). I'm just glad I didn't have to explain the incubator to them...I also did a little work on programs and Neighborhoods.
  • Wednesday: Neighborhoods and AV orders which means I OFFICIALLY STARTED OUR ANIME COLLECTION!! I could never do this before because I didn't have the budget and we didn't have security - I lost so much in teen to theft I was leary of doing anime. However, we are in the midst of installing RFID (the tagging continues...) and I got a larger AV budget this year, so YES!!
  • Thursday - Neighborhoods. Programming planning.
  • Friday - worked on Neighborhoods in the morning, then ran errands. THREE HOURS AT WALMART HOLY HEDGEHOGS.
  • Saturday -  Came in at 9 to start setup for the Butterfly Celebration, which went well, and then I stayed to clean out the storyroom and put away all the supplies and finish enough of the Neighborhoods that there were no bookstacks in the storyroom, since programs begin Monday morning! I finally left close to 2.
What the kids are reading
  • Someone asked where the Chico Bon Bon books moved! So now Chico obviously needs his own character sticker on the shelf edges. Yes!
  • Is Derek Benz' Revenge of the Shadow King appropriate for a younger middle grade - more investigation turns out they've read Spiderwick and Percy Jackson, so yes. This was a bit of a guess on my part, as I haven't read it myself, but I feel pretty confident. I think the creepy skeleton-like picture on the cover threw them off a little.
  • Yoga for kids


By Amy B. said...

In all your spare time, could you post a picture of your character stickers on the shelf edges? I think I'd like to do something like that for the PB shelves in my ES library.

Hope you're feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Yep, feeling mostly better thankfully! It was worst last week - I think that's only the second time I've gone home sick in two years!

The character stickers are, um, well, I just googled imaged the characters and laminated, nothing really fancy! I have a Neighborhoods post going up at the end of the month that will have pics though!