Saturday, February 28, 2015

This week at the library; or, Half a week is better than no snow

What's going on, in my head and at the library
  • I took Monday and Tuesday off. It was cold. I wrote many reviews, worked on some personal projects, and started redoing my bead curtain, which had not been working the way I'd hoped. I also got my hair cut, redyed, and dyed. I seem to have picked up another sinus infection or cold (probably from the kids who coughed in my face right before I left for vacation). Ah well, the life of a children's librarian.
  • Wednesday - I did a walk through of the children's area for safety issues after hearing about an Incident on Friday, tackled mounds of stuff behind my desk, got new books out, made some more Neighborhoods signs, did storytime, finished weeding the 560s, and other misc. duties.
  • Thursday - I cleared some things off my heap and started working on reports in the morning. Fortunately they fixed the furnace enough that the babies didn't freeze. I went on the information desk for two hours (avoided one of our most....time-consuming patrons by the skin of my teeth. Thank you previous librarian for taking one for the team) and also missed out on the soiled chairs due to my cold and only vaguely noticing there was a slight smell until another staff member picked up on it. EXCITING NEWS!! I am expanding my book club - some of my working parents were sad that their kids could not come and I've got a pretty good relationship with our biggest care facility, so I set up the first of what will hopefully be a monthly book club type program with their after school groups. There will be circulation! Woo! Then I did Lego Club - only 18 people came, but almost all new and several of them wouldn't have enjoyed the usual chaos so this was perfect. Belatedly realized that having my aide come in tomorrow instead of today meant I had to clean up so I went home an hour late.
  • Friday - I worked on reports, went through some more new books, went to the post office, and then set up and did my Dr. Seuss program.
  • I went home, in company with a soiled cushion (it's a long story) and determined to turn off all work email and soon as I finished those last few emails and requested all the books for the next couple weeks' programs.
Stealth Programs
What the kids are reading: A Selection
  • Dinosaur books (more enthusiasm for Neighborhoods)
  • Peppa pig (really need to buy some)
  • Max and Ruby (looking at my picture guides! of course they were all checked out...)
  • Books on the science of sound - most of what I have is experiment books
  • Look and Find - I get so many requests for these and they just disintegrate. I showed them how to look for the light blue/magnifying glass sticker to find other seek and find books and they took Bob Staake's Look a Book.

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