Saturday, February 21, 2015

This week at the library; or, It is Officially Too Cold

What's going on, in my head and at the library
  • Seriously cold. There is ice on the inside of my windows. So. Cold. I ordered another dehumidifer, hoping to help with my cough and cold-that-never-ends. Maybe, at this point, it's actually the plague. Or something. Being sick does not make me more cheerful. Also, I could not sleep several nights this week and I redid my three main blogs.
  • Monday
    • I presented my plan for summer reading at the staff meeting, struggled through some program plans, tidied some displays, went on the information desk for the evening, wrote up the staff minutes, sorted through new books, and did a little more work on weeding the dinosaur books. Also hauled out our legos for a teacher I'm lending them to and stayed late with a stranded patron.
  • Tuesday
    • Worked more with my new associate, Jess, then she went to help Pattie with storytime and I did...something...made fruit pictures for storytime tomorrow. Something else I think...We went to do storytimes at the school together, thank goodness she came because I have almost no voice. I don't know what I'm going to do for my three storytimes on Thursday. When we came back she tried out some alone time on the desk and I dealt with invoices. In the contest between me and my desk, my desk is winning.
  • Wednesday
    • I did storytime and then some time on the information desk, then worked out a more or less regular schedule with Jess (and revealed by catastrophic inability to do math that involves time) and then we went over the marketing for the next month or so. She started working on it and, set free and with a song in my heart (although that might have been because my lunch was uneatable so I just had an orange) I went off to work on the signage for the neighborhoohds and a second summer reading meeting with the director and adult services librarian. Then, that night, realized that even after spending forever on Jess's schedule I messed it up (seriously, I cannot deal with math that involves time) and had to update the calendar because I shorted her hours. Oy.
  • Thursday
    • I was hopeful that school would be cancelled; not that the library would close, but I had 3 outreach visits scheduled this morning and storytime interrupted by wracking coughs is not fun for anyone. Of course, it did not close. I made it fine through storytime though, albeit with some coughing on the side (and coughing in return, so I've probably reinfected myself). I had an impromptu meeting with Pattie about our huge April program and a performer who's coming for some school classes in April as well, and then Mad Scientists Club. There were only a few people there, which was actually fine because I kept having to deal with things that I'd forgotten but absolutely had to be done before I left. I finally left over an hour late, leaving a massive chaotic black hole in place of my desk, cart piled high with vinegar and assorted goods in the storyroom, and then after I went to the grocery store in the freezing dark (forgot to pick up a prescription) and got home I spent the next couple hours emailing all the things I had forgotten anyways.
  • Friday - Vacation!
    • I have a long list of things to do, reviewing among them. I have a stack of really fun, lovely things from Penguin - Smick and Little Baby Buttercup among them. And I just got Chicago Review Press' new book, Zoology for Kids. Plus all the things from ALA Midwinter.
Stealth Programs
What the kids are reading: Selections
  • There must have been, like, 5 people asking me for Peppa Pig books in the last couple weeks.
  • Stumper which turned out to be Pony Called Lightning by Miriam Mason - a library in the consortium has it.
  • Lots of requests for Battle of the Books
  • Discussion with parent whose elementary daughter reads at a middle school level and likes sports books with girls. Sigh. That's why it's on my Dreaming of Books list.
  • Battle of the Books - but at another school district!
  • Where is Ida B.? it was accidentally returned yesterday. How could it have been lost in less than a day? Four staff members searching, and it finally showed up in adult fiction.
  • Batman! The most adorable three year old Batman fan. I steered him and his grandpa to the Brave and the Bold movies and comics. After some consideration, he took the one with Green Lantern on the cover, after discussion as to whether or not GL had caused the vines to attack Batman. But it was probably Poison Ivy he decided.
  • Where's Waldo
  • Magic School Bus books
  • One of my book club members told me she read her book in an hour and a half! We agreed that she should pick more than one book next time!

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