Saturday, March 14, 2015

This week at the library; or, Spring is here and so is flu

What's going on in my head and at the library
  • Well, flu. A large number of kids, selected teachers, and my own Pattie are down. I am feeling a bit queasy myself. Have I not been sick enough this winter?? Possibly not. I subbed for Pattie's storytimes Tuesday morning, using Jess's storytime from Monday night. Yay! No planning required! I also went home early on Wednesday, after all the extra hours I put in last week.
  • This was the week of unexpected outreach. Another cub scout troop showed up Monday night (although they didn't need a tour) and our special education school called on Tuesday to ask if they could come Wednesday for a tour. And this is why having a second person is awesome! I have a backup plan for this school (which works as long as they bring kids at roughly the same developmental stage).
  • Then I spent two hours at Walmart and running errands on Thursday. All told I did 10 programs this week. I'm so tired...but I'm excited that I'm getting summer outreach with the schools set up already!
  • Poetry at a 3rd grade level
  • Encyclopedias (cub scouts earning badges at the library)
  • Book of Life dvd (checked out)
  • Greek cookbook
  • Care Bears books and movies
  • Potty training books

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