Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Display: New teen fiction

Update - the cart looked kind of junky and my director wanted it replaced or removed, so Jess and I dug through the basement and found some old metal file holder thingies that turned out to fit exactly. We might paint or decorate the ends at some point, but it looks pretty nice as is.

I was concerned that our YA fiction is not circulating well, even though I think the selector (our cataloger) is doing a good job. I think the placement of the new teen fiction - buried between shelves - was a big issue. So I stole a small table from the back of the teen area, salvaged an old wooden cart that was going to be thrown out, and made a new area. Then my associate, Jess, queen of displays, made a big "READBOX" sign. It's working! Books are definitely checking out more!
This was the first one

Then Jess added a box so it would stand up a little higher

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