Monday, May 25, 2015

Display: Read me if you like...

I saw this idea for a display....somewhere. A long time ago. I've been doing it with little slips of paper, which fall out of the books all the time. I finally got it together, printed out, colored, cut out, laminated, and cut out again 15 speech bubbles (ok, actually a volunteer and staff member cut out most of them, but you know). Then I discovered that they were TOO BIG and the tails aren't long enough to stick in the books. Also, the grammarian in me realized they make more sense if they say "like" and not "liked" because I often do genres and things, not just specific books and movies.
However! They look not too bad and I will use the bigger ones for the shelves with higher ceiling spaces and make some smaller ones!
YA graphic novels (with temporary signage). A kid came up and asked
if it was Dairy Queen "like ice cream". Uh, no.

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