Monday, May 4, 2015

Nonfiction Monday: Sleepover Girls Crafts: Colorful Creations you can make and share by Mari Bolte, illustrated by Paula Franco

[Update and warning!! I purchased these in paperback - and, although there was no mention of it made in the record on Baker and Taylor, the paperbacks are 50% consumable and I had to return them. So it's the $25 library bound editions or nothing apparently]

This craft book is one of a set of four including fashion, spa projects, and recipes. They are intended to accompany a set of four books called The Sleepover Girls which each features a different girl of four friends who have weekly sleepovers.

I haven't read the original novels, which appear to be typical girl fiction fare - each one of the four friends has a different interest (fashion, boys, etc.) and they have friendship glitches, deal with crushes and so on.

This book features crafts, introduced by different members of the group. The book starts by introducing the girls and their backstories, then moves on to the projects. The projects include scrapbooking, decorating a box, creating a bulletin board, mini bottle cap pictures and several other things. There is a total of eleven projects. They vary in difficulty; some, like paper quilling or the bulletin board need additional tools and materials, while some could be done with a few simple, inexpensive items.

Of the four girls, two have darker skin and a different girl is featured on the cover of each book. They each present 2-3 projects. The instructions seem clear and simple and the illustrations, if a little overly slick and glossy to my taste, aren't completely unrealistic. This is available in both paperback and library bound.

Verdict: I'm looking for more craft books, but I don't really want to purchase the fiction titles that go with these as they don't stand out to me at all. However, I really think this could stand quite well on its own as a fun collection of crafts and projects. I will try it and the other craft books in paperback and see if anyone asks for the books to go with them.

ISBN: 9781491417348; Published 2015 by Capstone; Borrowed from another library in my consortium;

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