Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Read, Read, Read said the Baby: Butterfly Colors and Counting by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Shennen Bersani

[This review was previously published. It has been edited.]

The text has the numbers (both  numeral and text) and the color shown in the picture. A key on the back cover lists the butterflies shown.

The illustrations in this little board book (only ten pages!) are very realistic, so much so that I had to look twice to see if they were photos or drawings. Readers can both count and identify the colors of ten brilliantly drawn butterflies. The pages are a little thinner than a normal board book.

Verdict: This is a pretty but light offering. I keep taking it on and off my order list because I'm afraid the thin pages won't hold up to extensive checkouts though.

ISBN: 9781570918995; Published 2013 by Charlesbridge; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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