Saturday, June 13, 2015

Children's Gardens

Last year we had two pools that were supposed to be pizza gardens and pumpkins in the walled garden. It was freezing cold most of the summer and the walled garden dirt turned out to be less than it could be and we got nothing much but a few tomatoes and 1 small pumpkin, very late in the summer.

This year, we were supposed to weed and plant on May 20. It was about 30 degrees. We finally got the plants to use at Go Go Garden and it was pouring rain. So I got my aide and we planted on Saturday. A little at a time and hopefully the gardens will improve slowly over the years.

I thought this bare spot would be nice to put a couple tomato plants, as soon as I scraped off the rough gravel on top. And the gravel underneath. And underneath that. When I got down about a foot and a half, I gave up, dumped some potting soil in, and shoved the plants in. Whatever.

We left the empty half of the walled garden empty while we were waiting for vegetables and then last week someone from the city showed up (without any communication) and planted a bunch of unwanted flowers. Uh....whatever. There was still space left, so we shoved the squash plants and a bunch of bean seeds in there. 

I have doubts about the drainage qualities of these pots, but it's too late now. They have tomatoes and the pool has 2 squash plants and some bean seeds.

From the sidewalk. The city did bring us a bunch of bags of dirt, so all is forgiven. I'm going to use the rest for our planting programs. That railing and bushes hide a staircase down to the basement and the door leads to the landing on the stairs going to the basement. Someday, we plan to turn the bare spots to the right into a butterfly garden.

The walled garden outside the storyroom. The door is an emergency exit.

We plan to have storytimes and programs here, picnicking under the tree, etc. but there's no fence and a busy road right behind the sidewalk, so we're going cautiously.

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