Sunday, June 14, 2015

Maker Kits

I have mentioned these before, but I wanted to do a sole post on them. Because they are cool! I got this idea from another Wisconsin library a friend told me about. Mukwonago maybe? Anyways, they had maker kits with things like making play-doh, etc. That sounded a little too messy to me, but I came up with my own kits. Then I applied for and won a nature discovery backpack from the DNR and added that as well.

So, the way they work is that there is a list of items clearly posted on the tub. These are the things that "belong" to the tub. Everything else is a consumable and can be used up. I had these shelved back on our maker shelf, but that is gradually being shifted over to teen materials and I was having issues with things getting lost in the library so I added the "please do not open in the library" signs and moved them over by the toy bags, where they are much easier to find anyways.

The maker kits (excepting the backpack) are shadowed in the catalog so they cannot be placed on hold. This means I don't have to stress about getting them refilled asap when they are returned and also about losing pieces in transit or at other libraries.

Right now, we have (from memory, so may not be exactly correct)

  • Nature Discovery Backpack
    • Includes books, cards, pamphlets, bug house, etc. over 30 pcs in all. DNR replaces missing/broken items free of charge but so far all we've broken is the bug house!
  • Sew Fun
    • Instruction book, needles, crochet hook, knitting needles
    • Consumables - fabric, felt, thread, buttons, yarn, etc.
  • Sew Fun Too
    • Instruction book, scissors, needles
    • Consumables - fabric, felt, etc.
  • Bug Science
    • Large bug house, bug specimens, backyard bug book, magnifying glasses
    • Consumables - worksheets, coloring pages, stickers, etc.
  • Magnetic Science
    • Set of magnets, magnet wands, 2 books
    • Consumables - small magnets, misc. things to test with magnets
  • Microscope
    • Microscope, slides
Right now I am putting some of our Wii gaming controllers into kits to check out and I'd like a birdwatching and Snow Fun kit at some point. 

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